Doctor Who: new companion starts work

News Louisa Mellor
24 May 2012 - 12:03

Jenna-Louise Coleman has begun shooting her first scenes on location as the new companion in Doctor Who

This story contains potential spoilers for the Doctor Who Christmas special

The Welsh medieval manor of Plas Llanmihangel in the Vale of Glamorgan has been host to some interesting visitors this week (well, more interesting than the posh wedding parties and gravestone rubbing crowd it usually attracts) as Matt Smith and new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman tipped up to start filming the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Some canny fans snapped a shot of Coleman leaving the manor, which you can see below thanks to Doctor Who TV. As she was heading out, we’re fairly certain that won’t be Coleman’s official costume and that she’s holding some kind of drinks container rather than anything Who related (sonic thermos anyone?).

The choice of location is an interesting one though, and seems to support the “spooky ghost” theory doing the rounds for the Christmas special, even if Steven Moffat told us all to dismiss the ghost-based dialogue in Coleman's audition script as a red herring. Another idea we like the sound of is that Coleman’s companion will be from a past era (as in, our past, rather than the Doctor’s). A period companion then, or a spectral one perhaps…

And here are some shots of the manor itself, which comes with its own church and graveyard. We imagine they'll be able to put their B&B prices up for Who fans after the Christmas special wraps.

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