True Blood gets its new showrunner

News Louisa Mellor
23 May 2012 - 12:47

Alan Ball is leaving True Blood at the end of the coming season, and co-executive producer Mark Hudis is set to take over

If HBO renews True Blood for a sixth season (its fifth 12-episode run starts on the 10th of June), then it will be without showrunner Alan Ball, the man who’s headed up the TV adaptation since a waitress named Sookie first served a vampire named Bill back in 2008.

The news arrived a couple of months ago that Ball, who also masterminded HBO’s Six Feet Under, was to leave at the end of the coming season, and now we know who’s been tipped to replace him: co-executive producer Mark Hudis. A regular producer on True Blood since the beginning of season four, Hudis wrote two of last season’s episodes (Me and the Devil, and Soul of Fire) and has solo writing credits on two more in season five.

Alan Ball is expected to remain as a consulting producer on the Louisiana-set vamp show, but will be directing most of his enegy towards prepping new Cinemax martial-arts-meets-the-Amish series, Banshee. You can see the first full trailer for True Blood season five, here.


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