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News Louisa Mellor 21 May 2012 - 21:37

Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss have been chatting to the show’s American fans about the Sherlock series 2 finale and what’s in store for series 3…

This story contains potential Sherlock spoilers.

Following the US broadcast of its season 2 finale on PBS, series creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss took to their keyboards to natter with US fans about all things Sherlock. Try as their interrogators might, neither would be drawn on an explanation for that ending, though a number of other interesting (and fun) nuggets did come up in the web-chat, which  we’ve collected for you below.

On their favourite Conan Doyle stories

Qualifying his answer with “Today!”, Mark Gatiss named The Adventure of the Red-Headed League and The Adventure of the Bruce Partington Plans as his favourites (note that only the second of those has been used by the BBC series so far, in episode 1.3 The Great Game…), and Steven Moffat named The Adventure of the Speckled Band, to which we’ve only had a gag reference so far (“The Speckled Blonde”) in one of Watson’s blog titles.

On their favourite Conan Doyle antagonists

Gatiss named Dr Grimesby Roylott as his (which gives The Adventure of the Speckled Band two ticks so far in the ‘potential appearance in series 3’ column by our count), though added tantalisingly “Time for a Spider Woman, I think!”.

On their favourite nods to the Conan Doyle canon in Sherlock

Steven Moffat picked a Gatiss-scripted episode, naming “the dogging scene” in The Hounds of Baskverville as his favourite cheeky Conan Doyle reference in the series so far, while Gatiss opted for A Scandal in Belgravia’s, “I’m lost without my blogger” (a nod to the “I’m lost without my Boswell” line in the Conan Doyle story on which the episode is based), as his fondest reference to canon.

On their favourite comic moments from Sherlock so far

Moffat went for “Power complex from Scandal. But actually, that was Mark’s idea” referencing the line about Mycroft’s power complex as Watson’s car pulls up to Battersea Power station in A Scandal in Belgravia, while Gatiss went for a moment in The Reichenbach Fall, “I really love the bit in ‘Reichenbach’ when the judge warns Sherlock to keep his mouth shut and Benedict just takes a deep breath and there’s a hard cut to him going to the cells!”

On the funniest thing to happen on the Sherlock set

Moffat remembered, “Benedict fell over in that sheet. What was funny is that he went down, trapped arms, flat on his face. And everybody just laughed!”. For Gatiss, it was more of a bestial matter, “Probably the monkey in the Baskerville lab erm… pleasuring himself”.

On their plans for Sherlock series 3

Both were characteristically reserved on the topic of series 3 spoilers, with Moffat confirming, “Well yes, we have our idea, and our structure, and some of our surprises. But hush now, that’s for later. Very excited though.”

Mark Gatiss though, may have given slightly more away when asked if it was likely we’d meet Colonel Sebastian Moran in series 3, to which he replied, “We’ll see. Obviously. The Empty House is a good starting point…”. The Adventure of the Empty House, for anyone yet to place it, is the story in which Holmes reveals himself to Watson after years in hiding post-Reichenbach Falls, and an odds-on favourite for appearing in episode 3.1.

Other bits and pieces

Moffat told US fans he was “Killing [himself] on Christmas Who RIGHT NOW!!” when asked about writers’ block, and the showrunners’ favourite TV programmes of the last ten years were revealed as Doctor Who (well, obviously) for both, The West Wing and Breaking Bad for Moffat, and 30 Rock for Gatiss.

Cheekily, Moffat slipped in a line about Billy Wilder’s 1970 The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes being “the only genius Sherlock Holmes film”. Let’s hope Guy Ritchie’s feelings weren’t too hurt by that.

Our favourite moment though, was Mark Gatiss getting in on Moffat’s teasing game by signing off his end of the conversation with the following two messages: “As a nice surprise for our US fans, I can exclusively reveal that Sherlock faked his death by” […] “Oh God! We’re out of time!”. 

You can read the full web-chat, here.

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Can't wait.

It's obvious these two have a love for the source material in the same vein as they do for the Doctor and that's what brings so much pleasure in watching the show as they know exactly which story elements to focus on and which to play with.

It'll be a long wait till series 3 but I hope they don't try and pull a LOST and rejig their solution for how Holmes escaped just so that they can say nobody guessed!

Still a little jealous of Sherlock Season two, and how much better written it was than Who Season six.  Would have gladly traded all this Sherlock nonsense (which I love), for a proper resolution to the River arc.

Just saying that maybe someone's spreading himself a little thin, and favoring the new toy.  :(

I have to disagree. I'd say that yes, Sherlock series two was better than Who Series 6, but Who Series 6 was, without a doubt, the best of new Who. It's worst episodes were monumentally better than the worst episodes of Series 5 and RTD's Era. Yes, the Curse of the Black Spot and Let's Kill Hitler weren't that good, but they were much better than Boom Town, World War Three, Love and Monsters, The Lazaraus Experiment, The Unicorn and the Wasp and Amy's Choice. Also, I'd argue that River Song's story was concluded, but it still kept some of the mystery that makes her such a fun character. Also, I think Scandal in Belgravia was the weakest Sherlock Series two ep, while The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the moon were the strongest Who Episodes.

It does worry me a it that they say "all the info irght infront of you" as to how Holes survived but that nobody has guessed it yet..

They have said that no one has guessed correctly?

I probably need to rewatch the episode, but I didn't think it was that hard to workout! And there wasn't that many ways it could be done!

I have to say, I agree with you. People seem to look at the RTD era with rose-tinted glasses. Series 3 was probably his best but series 4 and the specials were terrible. He was quite clearly running out of ideas. Moffat's tenure hasn't been perfect but some of his individual  episodes have been incredible. I'm hoping in the new series, Moffat focuses more on stand-alone episodes rather than on big story arcs.

Moffat should leave DW and focus on this, IMO.

I don't see a problem with him doing both.

Sherlock isn't that big a commitment compared to Who and I'd rather have him on both for as long as he wants to do them.  I suspect the next series of Who might be his last though.

I have to agree, I thought it was pretty obvious... er.. elementary!

I'd love some more single story episodes as some of Moffat's best episodes came before he took up the role of show-runner. I loved series three, but I agree with what you say about the specials and series 4. Plus, Series 5 and 6 are much more re-watchable than RTD's tenure. I'd like an end to story arcs, but Moffat will have to tidy away the current one first. :)

 I'm sure I saw a quote from Moffat about a month after the transmission that noby had got it.

The Garbage truck seems the likely method but many people have mentioned that..

Yeah but dont forget - people lie.

Moffat said that the Doctor really did die in Who last series. But he didn't ;-)

There isn't really a problem with him doing both. It's just that the last copule of series have been really sh*t. Especially the Christmas specials.

Can't agree with that, Series 5 was, to my mind, the best series since the 70s. Series 6 had some great standalones but so did series 5, the difference was series 5 managed to have a number of superb episodes *and* a satisfying arc (but in fairness the Girl Who Waited and The Doctors Wife are two of my all time favourites so I've nothing to grumble about when it comes to series 6, and I still prefer it to series2-4 + the specials).

...but then I consider Amy's Choice to be one of the best episodes of NuWho no written by Moffat... how can ANYONE dislike such a wonderfully imaginative, magnificently performed visual treat of an episode?

Errr... no they haven't. Series 2-specials of DW were sh*t. Series 5 and 6 were a massive improvement.

*EVERY* Christmas special has been awful, except for the 2010 one which was perfectly fine.

 LOL! I willl be mildly diassapointed if it is the Garbage Lorry and I'm sure it will take me about 10 seconds to get over it!

Yeah, but jumping into the truck is still a long way, it only shortens the fall by about 15 feet.  I think he went back inside after he threw off Moriarti's body with the Sherlock mask used on the little girl.  John didn't see this, he was knocked down by the biker, part of Sherlock's homeless network.  Molly then helped Sherlock escape, as well as confirmed Moriarti's body to be Sherlock's in the autopsy.  Best I've come up with, I could be very wrong....

dr who has been crap since david tennent left moffathas done nothing to inprove the series his best dr who was the first blinking angels since rusty left there has been nothing exciting but going round the trist and the best xmas special was the one with katherine jenkins roll on sherlock s3 we miss u

"Molly, I need you." She works in a morgue. Sherlock and Moriarty were on the roof of the morgue. There you go. 

Everybody is talking about Molly and the morgue , the bicyclist and the garbage truck but one has forgotten all about Mycroft. Mycroft had everything to do with Sherlock's "supposed" notoriety. Forget about sibling rivalry;Mycroft cares a lot for his brother. He needs Moriarty eliminated so he just (!) talks to a journalist looking for a scoop. Oh yeah? Which responsible government official has been so candid with a lourno associated with the yellow tabloids? This action seems to be pre-planned especially his reading a paper with the suicide headlines clear and then his sitting quietly in the club. I feel it is a Mycroft Lestrade Sherlock nexus with Dr. Watson told to be at an appointed place so that he can be an eyewitness to a suicide.
The ambulance right at hand to pick up the body is a bit too pat, don't you think?
Catch Mycroft's last words to Dr. Watson- "I am sorry". Because he knows what is going to happen next and he knows that Dr. Watson is going to be traumatised by his friend's "death". But it has to be done.

Girl in the fireplace & Blink are my 2 favourite episodes of Dr Who.

I don't think the instant ambulance is too pat, seeing as he jumped off of a hospital roof. There is definitely something afoot, though, in the fact that he chose the meeting place to be at St. Bart's. Molly certainly plays a role in the intrigue, as does the bicyclist and several of the first responders who obstruct Watson's attempts to get to Holmes.


thats irrelevant she has no idea about the final meeting of sherlock and moriarty so thats general but when sherlock is back from the dead waiting to see the seasson 3 of this

I thought that in seasons 2-4, there weren't many new ideas. Everything seemed to be about the daleks and the cyber men. After a few episodes, it just got old.


I am not convinced that Mycroft gave up information about Sherlock by accident - British intelligence had Moriarty during the "Hounds of Baskerville" case - Mycroft granted Sherlock 24 hours in the facilities - if Mycroft found it necessary to seek out Sherlock's help in lesser matters - no doubt that Mycroft struck a bargain with Sherlock - access to Baskerville for exchange for Sherlock's help in cracking the Moriarty nut.
Accidentally giving Moriarty info that would result in his brothers downfall is a very stupid mistake that an man of average intelligence would make - Mycroft is an intellectual peer to his brother. Sherlock and Mycroft certainly had a lot more control over the events of "Reichenbach falls" then we have been lead to believe.

As for ideas on how the Sherlock suicide was faked - I have seven.....make that four.

Actually, he said he did it on purpose. To gain information.

Mycroft did not give up information to the reporter, he gave it to Moriarty.

Focus as hard on Dr. Who as on Sherlock because Dr. Who has suffered BADLY!

I think the real question isn't how Sherlock faked his death. There are so many contributing factors to his jump that make it seem set up. The fact that the building wasn't exactly a fall that would defiantly kill you no matter what. I watched the episode closely and figured that it was only about 4 stories. Put you in need of urgent medical attention yes, but not exactly fatal. On top of that there is the whole molly thing. So, all in all, surviving isn't exactly impossible. The real question is why did he want Watson to believe he was dead so fervently? Why did he go to the trouble of trying to make him believe he was a fake? So as not to in-danger him when he did come back to life? Why (if he did hire the bicyclist and the people) would he go to such lengths? Oh! And another great question is how is moriarty going to still be alive? Was it a fake gun? Was there a machine rigged with blood that would spill out onto the ground? Is he really dead? After all, if you have read the books, we know that they both survive.

Would have loved to see Benedict fall over in that sheet! Funny AND sexy!

So now that we have finally proven that Mycroft had nothing to do with the escape. let's get more imaginative and think Irene Adler. I mean anyone who can tell a murderous Cia operative you know what I am before throwing him out of the window a number of times and then infiltrating a Karachi terrorist camp to save a woman from being beheaded isn't an ordinary chappie. So he couldn't fake his own death? That would be elementary, my dear Watson.

I'm imaging Moffat and Gatiss reading all the fans ideas of how Sherlock survived and seeing the saying "wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong!" :p

the bicyclist that knocked watson over had to have some relevance, i fail to believe its just a coincidence, this being sherlock, my possible theory is that when watson got knocked over it could have caused a serious injury to his head so maybe he was knocked unconscious and is actually in a coma or something and none of this actually happened, yes we saw sherlock jump before that but we didn't see his body before that so something else could have happened which we didn't see because we were seeing what watson though he saw

well i read that moriarty won't be returning in series 3 however you do make a good point there, i'd never thought of that about the books

Don't forget that the little girl screamed when she saw Sherlock, and that was never explained, perhaps because her kidnapper looked like him. We also see at the end that the assassin who has the gun pointed at Dr. Watson is tall and thin, with curly hair. Thirdly, on the roof top, when M and SH meet up it is sunny outside, and then before Sherlock calls Watson it is about to rain. Perhaps more time passed between those shots than let on. Also, in the lab shortly before the rooftop scene, Sherlock was testing trajectory with the ball.
I'll leave you to your deductions, I have a theory, but it doesn't satisfy all the evidence-yet-plan on getting back to it very soon.

it's easy sherlock jumped into the truck seen just before watson gets hit by the bike
and he put his coat on moriarte's corpse and trew it down with him

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