Elijah Wood talks Disney's Tron: Uprising

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17 May 2012 - 08:15

Disney’s animated Tron: Uprising will soon be with us, and Elijah Wood has been nattering about what we can expect from the new series

The voice of Beck, a young programme trained by Tron to lead a titular revolt against the villainous Clu and General Tesler inside The Grid, Elijah Wood has been chatting about his role in upcoming Disney animated series Tron: Uprising. Wood is naturally full of praise for the show, which he describes repeatedly as ‘super-cool’ and ‘awesome’, and you know what? We think he may just be right on this one.

The story for Uprising has been squeezed into the (admittedly sizeable) gap between the 1982 Tron and 2010’s Tron: Legacy, and according to Wood, “…a lot of the same writers were involved with continuing the story, or fitting new story into the context of those two films, and this.”

He continues, “When I saw the initial designs and some of the test animation, I was so blown away that it had such a cinematic quality to it. It really didn’t look like any animated series I had seen before.

“A lot of it is computer animation, but all the characters look like two-dimensional cell animation. I love the mix of the two. It’s a really unique look. I also love how angular the characters are. […] The music is awesome. It definitely takes its cues from what Daft Punk did in Legacy.”

Wood described Tron: Uprising as “an animated programme for all ages, but [one] that is a little bit more cinematic than what we’re used to and a little bit darker than we’re used to in this space.” Consider our interest well and truly piqued.

Tron: Uprising airs on Disney XD on the 7th of June, with an episode one preview this Friday the 18th of May. The first trailer is available to see here, if you need any more convincing.


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