First trailer for Elementary, CBS' modern-day Sherlock Holmes

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Get your first proper look at Elementary, CBS' modern day take on Sherlock Holmes...

We're probably not going out on a limb here to suggest that most people are really quite cynical regarding CBS' decision to make a modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes in the shape of Elementary. The main reason? Well, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue have done a terrific job of doing just that with the BBC's Sherlock.

Elementary? Well, it seems that CBS first tried to do a US remake of Sherlock, before opting to go off in their own direction. They've got high standards to live up to.

The direction that Elementary is taking sees the show set in New York, and includes Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Lucy Liu as, er, Watson. And after a few pictures and so forth, we've now got a trailer of the show in action. Take a look right here...

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I say ... let's give it a chance!

I say nuke it from orbit!

There's no need for this but if it's happening I may as well get on board 

As a lifelong Holmes geek, I was very dubious when I first read about this.  But I have to say, this sneak peak actually looks watchable.  Then again, I'm probably the only person (Holmes fan or not) on the planet who isn't enamoured of "Sherlock" (apart from Martin Freeman's excellent modern day Watson, that is), so maybe I'll be alone in tentatively looking forward to this version, too.

I say nuke it from orbit!!

like many others have said, they only using the name Sherlock Holmes to attract the audience, SH not living in London is not SH! (It's House) as well as Harry Potter or Doctor Who is something intrinsically British!
looks watchable, but not much different from all the procedural series that exist in the U.S.. Is it the case of the week plus a big arc in the season (basic and cliche), I doubt they will try to convey the stories of the books for the current period that is basically what Sherlock does. JLM seems to be a good actor but he is not so good and different as Benedict. although maybe is interesting Watson had transformed into a woman, but is still the eternal cliche of romantic involvement.

 Well that trailer only confirms what I expected. A perfect example of
what makes it so bad is Holmes saying, 'sometimes I hate it when i'm
right.' No he bloody doesn't. Every incarnation loves it when he is because that is his charecter.
If him seeing a corpse changes that, then it's not Sherlock Holmes
anymore, it's just another of the many shows that are based on the
premise of a man that has a greater knack for solving crimes than those
around him.

I'm glad to see they have renewed House MD for another season....i dont remember the guy that played House being british though...and why is 13 asian? 


a lot of people have had problems with the liberties that this show takes,Watson being a woman, Sherlock Holmes in the United States, out of Victorian England,. My problem is the liberties taken with the character. In both the movies and the BBC television series you say how Holmes thinks. You see him look at objects and how it's logical to paste these things together. in the video clip, you see Sherlock Holmes place a marble on the floor the marble rolled to the wall, from this Sherlock Holmes deduces that there is a safety room behind one wall. This is absurd, there could be hundreds of reasons why the marble would roll in that direction. Sherlock Holmes leaps to one of the least probable and of course he's right. This is the kind of sloppy writing that makes most Sherlock Holmes books, movies, and stories horrid pieces of crap.

I read that they were trying to replace house with Sherlock Holmes. If House M.D. was this bad it wouldn't have lasted a season

I agree. If only the changes in the character Sherlock Holmes were left to this one example

I save give it a chance, until it sucks then nuke it form orbit

Compromise is a happy thing

It's things like this that show just how brilliant the Moffatt/Gatiss Sherlock series really is.

*yawns* Don't watch it if you don't like it. Nothing's happening to the Moffat version. One version doesn't replace another. You can still watch your beloved Benedict over and over again - and put your fingers in your ears if anyone dares mention one of the 25 thousand other versions. Bless.

I think Moffat's SHERLOCK is just a smug tween model scripted in "Ooh look how clever I am!" for women (and men) that are attracted to emotionally damaged characters. BUT...having said's TEN TIMES BETTER than this Corporate-designed American drivel. "Hey, Watson's a woman! And I bet she knows Karate so she can be the ass-kicker, while, IRONICALLY-FOR-1990, Holmes...the the brains! AND!!! TWEEEE!!! I bet there's a WILL-THEY/WON'T-THEY romance!!!!! GASP! SO ORIGINAL!!" {rolling eyes}

Oh and hey look! Holmes wears a SCARF!! Hey American, see? He's SO BRITISH!

Tattoo's. Designer stubble. Sexual frissons with a gender-swap Watson... No.
Miller was always going to have an almost impossible challenge in competing with Cumberbatch's inspired performance (and yes, comparisons were ALWAYS going to be made) somewhat predictably, he doesn't seem to have risen to it. 

It's far , far too early to say for sure, but I wonder how long it'll take them before they reveal Aidan Quinn to be Moriarty all along. Mwahahahhhahahaha!

Yeah, this aint for me.

I've got to say...I'm intrigued by Johnny Lee Miller's interpretation of Holmes. It's still not enough to dispel my cynicism of the show. The gender-bending could be interesting, but they haven't changed the character enough. Why change the gender and then leave everything else in place?

I'm sorry but 'Holmes worked in homicide'? So we're really going with the tired trope of ex-cop turned private eye, rather than the self-styled consulting detective. And has anyone ever used the term 'homicide' to refer to a British police department?

Holmes would never hate it when he was right.

Haha exactly

I'm not a fan of the new Sherlock, it feels too much like Doctor Who. THIS on the other hand... This is truly awful. 

My major problem with this is that there are just to many major chances. Turning Watson into a woman, fine. Setting it in America, fine. Updating it to modern day, fine. However, NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME! The main problem seems to be that instead of focusing on one twist in the original books, they've skimmed through one of the novels and just randomly thrown in anything they feel like. 

Now now, ladies and gentleman. Give. it. a. chance. If anything, at least we'll get shorter episodes, but for a longer series. We will get more Holmes than ever before. We've had six episodes in 2 years. Thats pathetic. And 90 minutes is too long on a sunday night. I will be watching and I hope it does good. Lord knows we need more Sherlock Holmes and intelligent television.

The problem is it is NOT Sherlock Holmes. It might be worth a watch if they weren't insisting it was a modern interpretation of Holmes.

And to counter your argument, I think the 9 hours of Sherlock we had in the last two years is actually perfect. It leaves a sense of anticipation for whats coming next, means that the writers don't run out of ideas trying to string it out for 8 - 13 episodes, and that things can actually be concluded within a sensible period of time!

I guess that sort of comes from the man in charge, and that (aparently) Benedict was the first choice for who.

However I really liked the new Sherlock, and thought it showed perfectly what Moffat was capable of (wasn't a big fan of the last series of Who)

 Well. I'll watch it but I doubt it'll be any good. Not original enough, just a rip-off of Sherlock which they will no doubt label as an Homage. If they'd had set it in the future or something that could have been interesting but... Just the same as Sherlock.

It kind of looks like a Bones gender-swap (and, yes, I know Bones' character is based on Holmes).  "...and therefore I answer to no one but myself"?  The lack of subtle character building and the need to over-explain every aspect of the show is exemplary of US television.  It looks like every other over-done odd-couple drama the States is so very good at churning out with alarming frequency, and it isn't saved when the first thing you hear about it is: "It's Sherlock Holmes, in Manhattan."  Thanks Michael Cuesta, that's really...well, typically blunt, unoriginal, overly-obvious and expected of the people producing this sort of tripe.  God, I'm going to need to overdose on Sherlock after this thing comes out.

My Sherlockian instinct is screaming bloody murder right now. Words cannot express how extremely frustrated I am about this whole thing - and that trailer has just proved that my initial thoughts on an American Sherlock were correct. Could they have done a worse job?!

That was when they lost me, I was ready to accept it up till then. 

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