Guillermo del Toro’s Hulk TV series still a possibility

News Louisa Mellor 16 May 2012 - 00:31

The success of The Avengers has made Bruce Banner’s alter-ego a very popular fellow, and now comes news that ABC’s proposed Hulk series is back on the table

Following Mark Ruffalo and Joss Whedon’s recent revelatory take on The Hulk in The Avengers (think vulnerable recovering-alky who falls off the wagon in glorious style), the alter-ego of Dr. Bruce Banner has never been a hotter property.

Old Hulk cartoons, comics and merchandise have come out of the woodwork since the film’s blockbuster release, and now a stand-alone Ruffalo/Hulk picture from Marvel is more or less a certainty. It’s good timing then, for the re-appearance of Guillermo del Toro and David Eick’s proposed Hulk TV series, which ABC has announced will be considered for the network’s next pilot cycle.

We first heard word of the in-development series 18 months ago, a proposed collaboration between Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro and Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick. Deadline reported at the time that the new series would likely be an origin story, and “will employ a mixture of prosthetics, puppetry and CGI”.

The plan was apparently always to wait until after The Avengers release date to produce the series pilot, and now the Hulk's a smash (forgive us), it's looking more likely than ever that he may return to the small screen. 


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Will Ruffalo be a part of the series?  I'm sure if there's enough quality behind it, he may be tempted.

Is that not depending on his contract with Marvel? I know it will obviously have the backing of marvel to even get off the ground, but isn't Ruffalo tied to a movies only contract? Maybe the chance to show the re-invention of the green one will be tempting or just to see the folding "green" in his wallet!! 

I imagine that he is tied to a movie contract but I guess it's that dilemma of what made Hulk popular in the first place.  If the majority of people now see Ruffalo as Banner/Hulk will they accept anything else in the TV show?  

With Del Toro involved i also wonder if the humour that made Hulk so fun to watch in the movie will be an element in the show or not?

Del Toro is great at fantasy. Pan's Labyrinth is a spectacle of a film and I loved what he did with the two Hellboy movies. The mix in both of make-up & CGI really worked very well so we all know he's a skilled visionary.

But personally I can't see how Del Toro could translate his trademark visual style into the Hulk, especially for a TV series? Although he did it with Hellboy so who knows?

And for me, Mark Ruffalo just embodies everything I expected to see in a modern Bruce Banner/Hulk. I couldn't see anyone but him in the role after The Avengers.... 

Surely it would be difficult for the FX department of a weekly TV show to produce a convincing Hulk? We are too far past an actor in make-up, an man in a suit could be spotted a mile off, and effective CGI is extremely expensive and time-consuming to produce, and to give Hulk all the facial cues and emotion necessary for the viewer to sympathise with the character would require VERY convincing CGI.

I personally don't think Hulk is the best character for TV. I agree with Clinton and other comments that an entire series, probably won't give us satisfying quality of effects. I think Hulk is better suited to films and I think Marvel should focus on a Hulk solo film. However, I do like the idea of an ABC and Marvel co-production of a superhero TV series but maybe The Runaways, Heroes for Hire or possible Moon Knight might be a better fit.

I think this is a great idea, personally. I don't agree with Bigby (bonus points for the Fables reference, by the way) when he says that Hulk is better suited to film than TV. I think the inherent 'tweener' nature of the character makes it perfect for TV, and very difficult to pull off in a film. I'd prefer to see Ruffalo in the role rather than anyone else, and it would be better if Marvel were involved, but I'm willing to bet neither of those things will happen. :/

How is this gonna fit into continuity though, Marvel spend a bijillion dollars making a succinct universe where all there characters exist only to start fracturing it and yes i realize it could be in another Marvel universe separate from the Avengers one but at this point why bother? In order for this series to make any sense and to avoid unflattering comparisons between the two continuum's it would have to be set in the avengers universe with Mark Ruffalo etc.

There are much easier Marvel characters to adapt. Save the lower scale, niche characters (Heroes For Hire, Moon Knight, Alias etc.) fot tv and the bigger, more expensive ones for the theatre.
Besides, Hulk's already had a tv series, one that the character's ony NOW getting out from under the shadow of. Why go back?

The comics are already a mess of continuity, why not films and TV too? 

I think that instead of doing the Hulk again, Marvel should introduce characters that the public haven't seen before. Luke Cage, The Runaways, The thunderbolts etc. Marvel and DC have a lot of good characters that the public doesn't know about. 

Hulk had a fantastic run in the seventies. It's one of my favorite series of all time. So I was stoked when I first heard about this, but now I think he may just be better suited for movies. In the seventies life was so much simpler, David Banner was able to stay in the united states, there were no cell phones, tracking devices, Internet, etc. etc. He easily got jobs and slipped in and out of shadows. In today's world he'd be caught in a second, and seriously, who is going to set their show in the bowels of Costa Rica or some faraway place just so Banner can hide? 

What about X-men? I think that would lend itself really well to television. There is so much angst, the Xavier school, the villains, and a million and one mutants to play with.

because my wee british brain cannot handle watching an entire US tv programme over a season because of its length never mind having to deal with multiple realities. 

I've got a British brain too. Although I agree, the main reason I don't read marvel or DC comics is because of the multiple realities. A Hulk TV show by Guillermo del Toro might have excited me once, but now I'm just sick to death of super heroes. 

i feel the same way i really couldnt give a chuff about Dark Knight Rises or Spiderman

Tell me about it, the cinema isn't look that great at all right now, I'll check out Prometheus, but that's about it for a while. 

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