Being Human series 5 update

News Louisa Mellor 15 May 2012 - 08:44

The BBC has been chatting about what to expect from Being Human series 5, and a new villain is at the top of the list

BBC Three may have knocked The Fades on the head thanks to budget trimming (still a decision we’re hoping may be reversed at some point), but it did at least renew long-standing supernatural drama Being Human. Series 5 of the vampire/werewolf/ghost show is on its way from creator Toby Whithouse, who’s already written episode 1, according to BBC Online Exec Rebecca Denton.

In a blog post, Denton describes the new series as, “Bigger, better, bolder, braver and definitely more terrifying that anything that has come before.  Yes, season 5 is promising to deliver all the laughs and fun of season 4 but with a very definitely new and nasty, chilling edge.” Adding, “the calls for a new villain have been answered.”

All of which sounds good, doesn’t it?



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Surely the new villain is the werewolf who appeared at the end of series 4. Seeing as though he was the only bad guy who survived, I would assume it would be him...

can't wait for the new season, S4 was surprisingly strong despite the complete cast change.

The new villain is more likely the guys who cleaned up after the old ones.  They seemed like some secret government department that knows exactly what's going on.

if honest i prefer the new cast, i really could not stand george, his annoying speech pattern, the way he squealed like a girl, glad he died 

Couldn't agree more. Annie got on my nerves as well, she was a wasted character.

It most definitely is the cleaner (yeah, I guess that's what I'm calling them :P) guys. He seemed pretty awesome, but I do hope he's better than Series 2's non-supernatural villains. They were awful.

AWESOME!! I honestly cannot wait to see more of the new cast, especially Hal. We've never had a character of such complexity before, and it suits the new era of the show. He has so many facets, so many lights and shadows to his personality. . . . you never quite know what you'll get.

Looking forward to learning more about these "Archivists" as well. What they hell are they? Not human, not supernatural. . . what? A good tease.

Can we have a return of Allison? She was such a delight. :D 

I agree with you about the Series 2 villains, but Archivists/Cleaners look like a step in the right direction. Plus I don't think they are actually human. The man clearly set himself from humanity when he spoke with the young woman. He works for the good of humanity, but isn't one of them. Doesn't seem to be supernatural either, so. . . we'll just have to wait and see.

"Bigger, better, bolder, braver"

It always worries me when this is the aim. Can it get bigger than saving the human race, as in the previous series? Aim small, and ordinary, and you get something more believable.*

*(accepting the supernatural, of course.)

I'm over Being Human now. I thought it was quite strong for season one and two, but I lost interest after that 

No doubt the writing team will be dusting off their Buffy boxsets for inspiration again...

I do like Being Human but if it was a choice between a new series of it and another series of The Fades the second one would win for me. 

First up - YAY for the new comment forms!
I'll still be watching this new series but I feel that the story has completely lost the fear factor, plus the mystery and humour it had at the start. Maybe that was to do with the new location - a menacing all-powerful vampire underbelly of society loses its impact somewhat in a smaller village when compared to a big city. I'm glad that they are going to aim to make the series bigger and darker - they've yet to match the sheer terror of the Box Tunnel incident. 
Glad they've finally retired Annie, too, though after the first series they never seemed to know what to do with her. 

Did not find Box Tunnel terrifying at all...just a lot of whining and implied violence....

Season 2 was the worst...Lucy storyline was quite boring and the Christian sect was not at all scary. Season 3 was far better...

I found the first two episodes of season 4 totally confusing and boring and lost intrest. Then tried again just recently and am halfway through the last episode as we speak... Or as i type rather.. There needs to be a fifth series but theres REALY needs to be more episodes

I really dont think there is anything implied about a guy with his guts spilling out.

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