Being Human series 5 update

News Louisa Mellor
15 May 2012 - 08:44

The BBC has been chatting about what to expect from Being Human series 5, and a new villain is at the top of the list

BBC Three may have knocked The Fades on the head thanks to budget trimming (still a decision we’re hoping may be reversed at some point), but it did at least renew long-standing supernatural drama Being Human. Series 5 of the vampire/werewolf/ghost show is on its way from creator Toby Whithouse, who’s already written episode 1, according to BBC Online Exec Rebecca Denton.

In a blog post, Denton describes the new series as, “Bigger, better, bolder, braver and definitely more terrifying that anything that has come before.  Yes, season 5 is promising to deliver all the laughs and fun of season 4 but with a very definitely new and nasty, chilling edge.” Adding, “the calls for a new villain have been answered.”

All of which sounds good, doesn’t it?



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