Could Netflix save Terra Nova?

News Simon Brew
8 Mar 2012 - 07:10

Might Terra Nova season 2 be in the offing after all?

Just days after it was revealed that Fox had decided not to press ahead with a second series of Terra Nova, and it turns out that there may yet be an olive branch for the show. It’s a (very) long shot, but Netflix is reported to be looking into ways to keep Terra Nova going for a second season.

Netflix is already a hero to many, for its decision to bring back Arrested Development. A new series of that show is in the works, which Netflix will offer via its streaming services. And it may yet be that Terra Nova follows the same path.

Deadline reports that, right now, “conversations are preliminary”, and given the cost of making Terra Nova, we’d imagine that this is unlikely to ultimately happen. It does leave us wondering where Netflix was when the likes of Jericho and Freaks And Geeks were getting cancelled, though. Wouldn’t it have been handy to have it investing in programming then?

That’s not knocking Netflix at all, by the way. Whether you like Terra Nova or not, it’s great that it’s looking at this model, as a way of keeping shows alive that otherwise would struggle via the broadcast TV model alone. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.


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