Matt Smith on who should be the next Doctor

News Louisa Mellor 1 Feb 2012 - 13:27
Doctor Who: The Wedding Of River Song

Matt Smith has been sharing his thoughts on who should replace him when the time comes for a twelfth Doctor…


Speculation, as we all know, is one of the internet’s major foodstuffs, and Matt Smith’s recent comments in a Press Association interview have given us all something to chew on. Asked who he’d like to see as his eventual successor on Doctor Who, Smith was silent on gender and vague on age but specific on one thing: the twelfth Doctor should be cooler than him.

“I think there will need to be a younger, cooler person than me. Or maybe an older, cooler person, who knows?” So no fezes or bow-ties then? 

Smith also added to the recent kerfuffle about his tenure in the role, saying “I don’t think I’ll be doing it as long as Mr Baker,” which means we’re unlikely to see a 7-year stint in the TARDIS from Smith, who also told the Press Association,

“I just sort of take each year as it comes really. We’ve got all the rest of this year to get through and then we’ll sit down and review it from there and see where it goes.”

So someone younger or older than 29 year old Smith, but definitely cooler… Any ideas on that?

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I agree!  If he did it with his normal accent, but with the seriousness and snark of his "House" performance... he definitely should not play it as "George" from Blackadder.

Why Benedict Cumberbatch. WHO could be cooler?

I would like to see Robbie Gee as a dapper Doctor. All black three piece suit with a scarlet tie and much calmer (which would be neat considering in the States he is probably best known for playing the completely uncool character of Vincent in "Snatch.")

Robert Carlyle for the win!

How about John Oliver from The Daily Show?

I hope it'll be Rupert Grint, the Doctor's always wanted to be a Ginger from what I've seen... XD

Tom Hiddleston... he made a name for himself in thor and avengers, and he was good in warhorse. He's also got fan girls and cool eyebrows like tennant.

That's what I think! I thought I was the only one!

NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) - i think he would make a quality doctor.

Someone BRITISH. Not American playing British, but pure Brit.
And whoever they get has to be able to act like a pro, but maybe still not be completely mainstream. Oh, and not a woman. Please. That would ruin it for all the women who watch it. Seriously.

Oh and top picks that people have said thus far:
Damian Lewis (The only attractive ginger mentioned so far and a brilliant actor)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Need I say more??)
Tom Hiddleston (Pretty, cool, popular, yep)
Andrew Garfield (yes, he was in 2 episodes of dr. who...but that's not important..hes amazing, end of story)
Seriously. Don't make the Doctor a woman. Bad idea. Trust me.

Great choice!!!! He was awesome as the Scarecrow in the Dark Knight Trilogy and as Jim in 28 Days Later. And it's about feckin' time we got an Irish Doctor!

"No fezes or bow-ties then?"
For the last time.

Well, yes. The next Doctor is unlikely to be Matt Smith.

NOOOOO! No, no, no.

Dan Clark

James McAvoy

Robert Picardo

Anthony Head would definitely fit the bill. What a coooool dude.

Ben winshaw

maybe a teen about 16 or 19 that would be a change and maybe more people will watch it :)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Colin Morgan he is a great actor and could really add something to the show.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One of the members of chameleon circuit. Definitely.

Q from skyfall..perfect

Colin Morgan!

I'd like to see David Morrissey as the next doctor. Fans of The Walking Dead know him as the villainous Governor. Doctor Who has a habit of using companions in cameo roles in earlier episodes before bringing them back full time so why not Morrissey. He played as the Doctor in the 2008 Christmas Special, The Next Doctor.

One name, DANNY JOHN JULES!!!!!

Robert Downy Jr. should be the next doctor. Or maybe Morgan Freeman. Who agrees?

someone cool (danny Blue) Marc Warren, cheeky and cool!

yes lets have an american, lets destroy another iconic british show just like they did with red dwarf, shameless, sherlock holmes (elementary), life on mars..... the list is endless.

I think Rupert Grint should be the 13th because as the last regeneration, should be ginger...

Matt Smith is doing Series 8, I don't know if he's doing anymore after that...

Johnny Depp would be perfect for the next doctor

BBC announced that the Doctor is now regeneration limit.

The doctor never had a regeneration limit, it was shown in the episode 'The Brain of Morbius' that he had a minimum of 8 regenerations before William Hartnell, meaning he should have run out on the 5th doctors regeneration.

Colin Morgan,Rupert Grint,Dominic Monaghan,Daniel Radcliff....but not someone very old!!!!

There was a limit, the master ran out. The doctor, due to the events of the stolen earth, now has 1 left. I think after that he should regenerate, but he wasn't expecting it to happen, then the first thing the new doctor says is "That's not possib- AAAAAAARRRGHHH!!" and he stumbles out on Christmas day and spends the first episode breathing out black vapour instead of gold because his new body is decaying. then some unit scientists drain a nuclear power station to stabilize him.

Thomas Ridgewell AKA TomSka!

Eddie Izzard, man!

Dominic Monaghan. He was fantastic in 'Lost' and 'The Lord of the Rings' films. He's a very funny British actor with a very dry wit. Or Dylan Moran.

Really!? Now WTF MAN!
I mean I would like doctor who to go on, But they HAVE to explain why.... If they don't it will completley ruin it.... Kinda done it already... Not Immortal... But not Mortal, somewhere in the middle.... Will kinda ruin the 13TH Tension, cause, whenever he's in a tight spot, we'll be like..." PLEASE DON'T END!!!" Now it'll be " Oh just F*cking Regenerate already you stupid Tw*t"

They should have a bit with that... The Companion with him at the time should go " Will you PLEASE! Get rid of that bloody bow tie" The new Regen goes " NO! For the Last Time... Bow ties... Are COOL!..... *Mumbles under his breath* And Fezzez

Don't think it'll happen, if it was 2010+ Maybe he would, but I doubt it

No... I think it'll definitely be Smith, Where would you get that Idea from??

It is going to be John Hurt

matt smith is the best doctor and the coolest doctor and no one esle can be cooler or better than matt smith he should play the role of the doctor forever and ever intill he dyes.

Charlie McDonald

Leslie Phillips. It's his time. Or Sir Derek Jacobi. He could do it with a Claudius stammer.

Stephen Wight

No He shouldn't because a lot of british people know him as George from 'Blackadder' so It just wouldn't fit

hes been in previous episodes before as an enemy including a version of the master i believe

too obvious

he was in the first 9th doctor series as a bad character, don't think it's likely/:

Not a woman! That would be political correctness gone mad! Kris Marshall for me.

how about Sean Bean wait, no he'd only last one episode.

I'm 20 years old and would love to be the 12th Doctor :)

Sylvester McCoy was half-Irish, and if I recall, trained in Ireland. So he almost counts.

I feel like I'm losing a best friend when Matt Smith leaves.

And the thing about becoming the Doctor, is that when the actors step into this role, they are no longer themselves, they are Doctor Who, to everyone. To the fans, the cast and crew, and always to themselves. They will never be known as themselves again, but only as the Doctor.

I think we need to look long and hard for a suitable and amazing actor to fit this role, because once chosen, they are in it for life. And this new Doctor had better make my heart melt just like every Doctor before him has.

Younger? So you mean a ten year old, right?

Didn't we see that at the end of 7b? I know, it was well overhyped, but, wasn't that supposed to be the trenzalore nonsense?

Well, we will gt a 19yr old this time. Almost makes me think fondly of Matt.

Isnt it generally a non super famous actor? I think Bryan Dick would be great! Little known actor (he played Sykes in Being Human, Ernie in Eric & Ernie, and has acted along side the one and only David Tennant in Blackpool), hes got the kinda crazy look too.

David tennant should come back

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