Arrested Development returning in 2013

News Simon Brew
21 Nov 2011 - 07:33

It's true: Arrested Development will return, as new episodes are heading our way in 2013...

Now how’s this for some cracking news? Just last week, we put up a piece highlighting why you should give the outstanding show Arrested Development a try, if you haven’t already. Now, it’s been confirmed that brand new episodes will be arriving in 2013.

It’s an interesting deal that’s brought about Arrested Development’s revival, too. For the show won’t be returning via Fox (which does still have a hand in the show), with Netflix instead the firm we might have to thank. It’ll premiere the new episodes exclusively via its streaming service in the US, rather than on a conventional TV channel. It’s not yet confirmed how we’ll get to see them in the UK.

Firm details have yet to be confirmed, but it’s expected that all of the cast and crew of Arrested Development will be back on board (it's be pointless without them). And this should all lead into the planned movie outing, too.

Marvellous news, this. Here’s hoping the rest of the week pans out as well.

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