Stephen King’s The Dark Tower to become a HBO series

News Ryan Lambie
26 Oct 2011 - 17:22

According to producer Brian Grazer, the once troubled Dark Tower adaptation may be heading to respected US network HBO…

Producer Brian Grazer’s been attempting to get a proposed film and TV adaptation of Stephen King’s sprawling Dark Tower series off the ground for some time now, but due to financial concerns in the halls of Hollywood, he's struggled to get the necessary backing.

Having pared the budget back, Grazer now seems to have finally got the support he needs, and the King project that once seemed curse now appears to have landed on its feet. In an interview picked up by io9, Grazer revealed that The Dark Tower will be made into a series in collaboration with HBO, while a backer for an additional movie has yet to be found.

"We'll do the TV with HBO, and we'll do the movie with… to be determined", Grazer said. “We'll do it right. We're going to do that movie. We've lost $45 million out of the budget, he said. When people say no to you enough, then you have to lose money, which we've done without harming the scope of the film."

The involvement of HBO is definitely a good news, since the TV network’s track record speaks for itself: The Wire, The Sopranos, Deadwood and Boardwalk Empire are but a few examples of its well-produced, brilliantly written and highly successful dramas, while Game Of Thrones proves that the network has the clout and ability to adapt a series of novels as complex as George RR Martin's.

If Grazer’s words are correct, then the future may be bright for Stephen King’s dark, epic saga.


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