Shock news: Frank Darabont leaves The Walking Dead

News Simon Brew
27 Jul 2011 - 07:43

Major, and massively surprising, news from The Walking Dead: showrunner and series creator Frank Darabont has left the show...

Now this has to be classed as a massive, massive surprise. Just a few days ago, Frank Darabont was at Comic-Con, promoting the upcoming second season of The Walking Dead, which is set to premiere in October. And now? It looks like he’s quitting the show.

Deadline has broken the news that Darabont is leaving his role as chief writer and producer on the AMC show, and although there’s no formal reason that appears to be being given, the Deadline report suggests that “he never quite adjusted to the daily grind of producing a TV series.”

Darabont was the one that fought for years to get a television show of The Walking Dead off the ground, and he’s been heavily involved in season two of the show. Apparently, there are conversations ongoing to keep him involved in some role on the show.

This won’t affect season two of The Walking Dead, but it does pose some interesting challenges for a third season. More on this story as we get it…


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