The Walking Dead: three new TV spots shuffle forth

News Ryan Lambie
6 Sep 2010 - 18:11
The Waking Dead

Guns are fired and devastated hospitals explored in three new TV spots for Frank Darabont’s forthcoming The Walking Dead series…

The struggles of surviving humans versus zombies may not be the most original premise to hit the small screen, but the presence of writer and director Frank Darabont is reason enough to be extremely excited about AMC's forthcoming The Walking Dead.

And as the six episode season nears its first showing in the US, the trailers we've seen so far have done nothing to dampen our anticipation. The three TV spots you see below are no less impressive, and while the first one is so short that you'll almost certainly miss it if you sneeze at the wrong moment, the second one is particularly atmospheric.

Granted, the spots don't give away anything we haven't already seen in the four-minute trailer AMC unveiled last month, but they at least serve as an appetising taster before the arrival of The Walking Dead's zombie-infested banquet.

The first season of The Walking Dead is scheduled to premiere on 31 October in the US, and on an unspecified date in November in Britain on FX UK.

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