BBC cancels Survivors

News Simon Brew 13 Apr 2010 - 21:31

There’s going to be no series three for the new take on Survivors, as the BBC confirms that it’s cancelling the show…

The BBC's revival of Terry Nation's 1970s classic Survivors has been axed after two series, it's now been confirmed.

The news comes in the wake of lower ratings for the second series of the show, which was screened earlier this year. And while there were initially hopes that a third series would be commissioned, the BBC has now formally nixed any hopes of that.

A BBC spokeperson said, "The BBC is committed to making a broad range of varied and ambitious drama, but in order to achieve this we do have to move on from some pieces in order to allow new work to come through. After two series Survivors will not be returning."

Throw in the less surprising news that the BBC has apparently decided Paradox isn't coming back for a second series (not that, er, we were exactly demanding it too), and the science fiction output of BBC One now seems to be relying once more on a man in a blue box...

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I just finished both seasons on netflix as well and I really wanted to know if Greg's ex wife and children were in this hidden sector ... ahhhh!!

Too bad they pulled this show that sucks cause for once there is something good to watch. If the show was not liked in the british veiwing area then the BBC should air it in the US. I just watched both season 1 and 2 and now dying to know how it would have ended.

I wanted to see what happens next?? on season 3 bring it back

Why start a Seasons and not finish right!!

I really liked these two seasons.... Thought it was a very plausible storyline and enjoyed the character building through the seasons.... shame that no more are planned :( I definitely would've tuned in!!


hopefully now its on netflix it will gain the popularity it deservs.and they will look into making a 3rd series. i watched the first series back in 2008 but totally missed the 2nd series in 2010.

why i ask myself as i loved the first series did i not see the second untill just now i can only think that most people like me were unaware it was on probably due to poor advertising of the show.

i strongly belive that with the right advertising these could be a global hit so come on BBC you plow money in to drivel like eastenders that even my wife has stopped watching put the money somewhere else

Sad I watched season 1 and 2 on Netflix and absolutely loved it dad they nixed it no good dramas here in the states

I live in California and recently watched all Episodes on NetFlix.  I am deeply disappointed that the show was discontinued.   This show is as good as Lost and should be revived.

I have been on my couch having a survivors-a-thon for the last 2 days. Only to find out there is no season 3??? This show was perfect!!!! Bring it back!!!

this is ridiculous!!! bring it back, i have missed work to watch this series. i live in Texas, watched the all two series on Netflix. this is the only show i have ever watched all the way through. i want to know where they went!!! please, you need to bring this back. it is sci-fi, but something not so sci-fi that it couldnt actually happen in real life, which is why it is so good, something like this could REALLY happen one day, BRING IT BACK!!!

a book would suffice..... : )

SERIOUSLY?! I just finished season 2 on Netflix and it was awesome! It's a shame all the good tv series are getting cancelled. :-(

Bring the show back! I wanna know what happens. Just got done watching the first and second season this show is really good. Please bring it back.

Just watched all 12 episodes through netflix like an addict... bring it back

Are you kidding me sell it to AMC or A&E it would rival The Walking Dead for ratings in the US!

Just finished both seasons on netflix too and can't believe that's how it's ended. Bring it back BBC! These sort of shows can take a while to reach their audience!

I watched all 2 series, and kept on thinking that it had to get better.. It didn't - boring people combined with extreme stupidity.  I too would have liked to have seen the finish, but I thank the BBc for saving me from it.   Good riddance is what I say.

This sucks. I've watched both Survivors and Jericho on Netflix only to find out that they both end after 2 seasons. I really wish Netflix would continue these shows. 

I wish you would bring Survivors back.  My whole family is addicted this series.  That is so messed up that you woul dplay 2 seasons and just cancel it.  This network sucks!

It's really a shame that BBC cancelled Survivors. It was a great series and the actors were excellent!

I am wanting to know what happens with Abby's son make the third one and see how well is takes off

I just found this on Netflix. It's a decent show. Too bad that it's been canceled.

BTW: By the way, if Dexter were in the U.S., he wouldn't have made it past the first episode. Someone would have taken that double barrel shotgun away from him and shoved it up his #%$#%.

FYI - season two was the last season but there was a 7th episode that is not on Netflix. Basically Tom hijacks the plane, killing those on board he then does his best to fly back to the airfield to his friends but when he gets there he can't land and crashes right where they all are standing killing himself and all the others!! The birds mutate the virus enough to kill off all the other humans on the planet and the episode ends with the quote "hope is dead".

I think it deserves a season 3 & 4.

I loved this series...why!!! I hate when your roped in and than they cancel it. Bring it back!!! Love it <3

I thought it was watchable rubbish and now I have sat through two seasons I would like to see an ending, thanks beeb!!!

lsmo!!!!! cheers ;D

Behave it is no where near the quality of lost lol!  Bless you 

Netflix should revive the show like they did with some other shows - it seems that's where everyone's watching it!  I never heard about it on tv, but saw it on netflix and was hooked!  hopefully, someone brings it back!

OK I was watching this show. I watched both seasons so far. I thought there was a season 3 but noooo you couldn't give that to me. Please bring it back, it was a great series.

Why did you have to cancel the series? I was so hooked on it. I had both series done before I knew the 3rd one was cancelled.  Please reconsider. 

Just watched on Netflix.. My husband and I are so bummed they canceled the show!!! Great acting and great story!! Maybe AMC would continue season 3

Bring it back!!!!!just caught it on Netflix watched both seasons shamed they cancelled it. You'll make money just bring it back for the fans

for the first time bbc has something worth watching and they cancel it. bring it back.

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? yet another quality series comes to an end to soon..... why start somthing to not finnish it. watched on netflix an loved it, what a show. BRING IT BACK!.

Bring it back I watched all the episodes on netflix in a day i was addicted and now im sad because its over

You said what I was thinking the whole friggin time. That double barrel was a joke.

Yeah and if there is such a place, what about Doc and Tom, do they hook up? Oh and Tom snuck onto the plane, wheres he going and whats he going to do when he gets there........So many unanswered questions. I'm pissed.

Thats a big LOL. Sounded good anyway.

I get hooked on the show and then find out there is no more!!! Mean mean mean BBC!

i too found it on netflixs and it does really suck that BBC cancelled a great show just b/c of ratings

come on Netflix! you're bringing back arrested development. Bring back this amazing series too.

Glad to see I'm not the only one addicted to this... like crack, but not wack!!! . Bring it back!!

Why cancel a perfectly good TV show. Of all the TV shows made so far, Survivors is the best. Let me guess, they'll replace it with another one of those stupid reality TV shows or one about a man in space. Load of crap. I tell ya

Damn them I know to know if Tom inflects everyone and and and... This is as bad as when they cancelled FireFly in the USA.

It should have read ""Damn them I want to know if Tom inflects everyone that got away and is that where they were heading on the plane and and and ... sighs.... this is as bad as when they cancelled Firefly in the USA

So very disappointed this show will no longer be on
I also just found it on Netflix and loved every show :(
So sad

Ahhh! I just became an addict to yet another amazing program that has fallen to the plague that is low ratings. Please bring it back. I'm desperate to know what happens next!

Just watched all episodes on netflix superb show they should make a third series

Well it's good to know I'm not alone I guess, but damn I'm tired of finding really well written shows to just find they were cancelled...maybe a petition?

got to make a 3rd season the show is awsome

bring it back

Wow, I thought I was the only one that flew through this on Netflix and want more. I say we form an army and lay seige to BBC.

Come on BBC get your act together....we've have had enough football and tennis...lets get it on with the 3rd series of survivors and put us out of our misery.....

Like they rest of you, I just found this on netflix ans highly enjoyed it. Sucks it got canned..

I was so mad when I found out there was no season three it can't just end like that Tom is on the plane to the island with all the survivors Abby got her son back I need a season three!

That I'd such a good idea! People in America would kill for that

Just finished watching on Netflix, completely bumbed there's no season 3. Such a great show. Had me & my husband on the couch countless nights...even stayed up later some nights to fit 2 episodes in only to find out there's no season 3. Should of only watched one at a time. So, hard though :(

i just watched this on netflix.... very pissed off that there is no more.. i didnt even know about this show, maybe bbc should do a little more advertising like other and they might get more hits.. f***ing ridiculous ! it neeeds to comee bacck !!!

bring it back

Me too! Just watched both seasons in three days ... now I'm addicted, but its over!?! Now I want more! What happened to Tom? What's up with the green crap in the sea at the end of every episode and why was it expanding? When do we get to see the government chick get what's coming to her? Where was the new society setup and when do we get to see thee evil corporation pay? Where's Greg's kids and wife? What happened to the little utopia commune? ....SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!!

Please change your mind BBC .. I watched both series in 2 days on NETFLIX and want more!,

BRING BACK THE SHOW!!! :'( just found this show on netflix

great show, sad day when it was cancelled, had great potential.

yeah, it far surpasses it

I'm from the U.S and really enjoyed it. Wish they had made more.

BBC are supposed to have good taste. They are supposed to be the pioneers of quality programming. Surely this crown can only be awarded by recognising what is solid television and keeping that going instead of stupid "The Office" rip-offs that will never come close like Twenty Twelve.

I hate that they stopped Survivors at series 2 but I would've been devastated if Abby didn't get Peter back. The fact she 'saw' him & hugged him was juuuuust satisfying enough for me!! Anything more, finding Gregs family etc. is kinda starting off a new chapter. ((spoiler)) I don't think Tom being in the plane was anything to be excited about. What significance did that really have? If anything Greg should of been in the plane. I think it was a cheap cliffhanger tbh.

YES! VERY disappointed that this show got cancelled after only 2 seasons!!!!!! What the???? All the good shows end to make room for more STUPID reality shows!! I am from the U.S., but LOVE watching BBC shows because they seem more creative than what we have here. Even the American version of Being Human was horrible compared to BBC version. Anyway, there should be a disclaimer at the beginning of a series that just I might add! This was one of the BEST shows I've seen!!

By the comments on this, it seems that there are people who want more. I saw it on Netflix and love it! Please rethink this and bring it back!!!

I'm so sick of them replacing good shows with more cooking. Everyone loves Gordon Ramsey but there is such a rhino as too much. Survivors, The Fades, what's next? At least they haven't done away with Luther, Whitechapel, Dr. Who & Being Human. I can't try to watch anymore bad US remakes.

Watched all 12 episodes in 2 days....LOVE THIS sad we will never know how it ends...BOOO to you BBC.

UGH! Spent a few days watching this religiously on Netflix and find out the show got canceled?! Bring it back!!!

My whole family watched it in about three 58...wife 50...daughters 21 and 22...yes...we have lives...very interesting show....very odd decision by the Brits...but Brits are odd...should have tried it in the US...our speed....possibly cool some social commentary...again Brits cant seem to help themselves...let the action and drama speak for know it is entertainment

I am 13, and me and my dad watched the whole two series on Netflix, and im watching it again. One of my fav dramas ever. So many unanswered questions, we need a third series, such as :
What about Tom and Landry? What about Gregg's family? How will Peter find abbey's 'family'. Maybe he could be a good replacement for Sarah Bowyer.

My wife and I started season one on Friday night and finished season two last night. Was BBC concerned that Brits didn't like it, cause I'm American and loved it! Agreed with everyone on this post.. BRING IT BACK!

People won't pay for it. They already pay for television cable or satellite. If it was up to the producers they should have filmed it and simply sold the season on Blueray/DVD.

i loved this series!!! i watched it on netflix!!! soooo many unanswered questions!! please bring it back!!! and air it in canada!!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Should have known better! Let your imaginations finish the story!

i am really pissed of about this you left us on a cliffhanger at least finish it off because its amazing. I want to know why tom got on that plane and i want to know what hapens in the end please make a third series. I watched the whole two series on netflix its amazing come on.....

This is complete BS. Survivors was a fantastic show! The ratings were lower than they wanted because it had not yet spread to the mainstream american viewing audience. Now it has and we are upset! Time to start filming season 3 BBC!! And this time, maybe let us know that its going to be on TV?

You have got to be joking me!!! There is so much mindless rubbish on television, I finally find something I like only to find it's been axed! Our only hope is that the people who make these decisions get wiped out by a mutated flu virus


Just finished it on Amazon. Hey, where is the rest? How about one more to wrap tjings up? This was great.

This was an absolutely wonderful show and I find it frustrating how BBC continuously cancels their best sci-fi/apocalyptica shows. Please bring this one back.

This sucks i watched the 4400 on netflix all 6 seasons 19 episodes a season and found out they cancelled that befor the last season and now the same with this. Tv networks youve got to sort ya selfs out taking the piss now!!!!

Bring it back!! There is an audience for it ALL over the world through Netflix.

I was quite upset when Jenny's character was cut after just two episodes. While I enjoyed the series, throughout watching the entire two seasons, this feeling of wishing that Jenny's character would show up never left me. Although it feels as though there were more big questions left unanswered than answered by the end of season two, I can't pretend that I wish it would come back because I don't feel that it is any good without Jenny.


I would absolutely pay for it, just like I pay for all the other episodes I'm dying to see: on Amazon Prime. It makes perfect sense.

Jericho was a fantastic show.

How can a show like this be cancelled and we're still airing new episodes of The Bachelor on primetime? This world is so screwed up.

Awwww come on it was brill .. bring on series 3!!!!!!!!!!!

watching this on netfix and this has got to be bbcs best tv drama in along time, then to only find out there is 2 seasons, whats all this about, i need a 3rd season, i am going to write to bbc and ask for a 3rd season, we all need to do this to get results,

I found out about it on TV when it first started in
November 23, 2008.



Wow! I just finished season 1 and about to start season 2. Found this show on Xfinity and was looking for more On Demand. Now I'm really upset to learn this is it and there will be no more...Somebody really dropped the ball when they cut this one


Sad that Survivors went the way of Firefly... Watch, just like Firefly, a HUGE cult following will rise up and demand something be done, and if you're lucky you'll get a movie that sums attempts to finish off all the cliffhangers, like they did with Firefly by producing Serenity. This is why all shows should be pay per view, in my opinion. Screw basic cable, make a company like Netflix, and release all shows on it, as pay per view, and like someone mentioned, the less somethings viewed, the more the price for it. You KNOW people will tell their friends to watch, so that the price goes down, lol, thus more people watching ;) I hate how all the good shows seem to get axed, yet really crappy ones go for 10 seasons... It's a big problem over here in america, where we have 4 different "pawn shop" reality shows, season after season, but the really good shows, that make you think, that entertain you on an intellectual level, get axed 1-2 seasons in...

if there going to leave it like that then thats ridiculous
sign the petition

That's really messed up in the states here we like it and will be very sad to hear this please reconceder this thanks

This was a great series. I also flew through the series on Netflix. I am also disappointed the series will not continue.

more episodes now
more episodes now

more episodes now

more episodes now

more episodes now

more episodes now

more episodes now

more episodes now

i wana see what happens to TOM so bad

Silly idea to cancel as amc has clearly got a winner with living dead, a better slot with a re run to see what could happen maybe a happy middle ground for future series

BRING. IT BACK this show is awesome if it as as well advertised on bbc as it has been on Netflix then it clearly would of been a success! BRING IT BACK

Out raged that there isn't enough want for it... Just spent two days at home watching after finding it on netfix I want more!!

Glad to hear it. The new incarnation was a travesty compared to the original series. As with most longer running dramas these days the whole thing was turned into a soap opera with little of the spirit of the original left. If you want to see more then get the DVDs of the three original runs and watch something worth your time.

ARGGGG, what happens when the DC-3 lands with Tom hiding in the back, are you kidding me! Zipped through both seasons in a month. Too bad.

MAKE A SERIES 3 - Nobody new about it back then, but everybody loving it now!!!!! BBC Listen to your viewers

Really great show. I think BBC is not counting on global online viewers, far more than the 4 million UK audience. They could have the decency of making at least a single final episode to honour its audience.


My family of 29 watched the show on Net Flex. May be they can make season 3 on a straight to video thing. hay it works for Van Damme, Steven Segal and other stars. They can put two or three eposides on a cd. Or just sell it t AMC or A and E

I really enjoyed watching both seasons one and two. I cannot believe they would cancel such an amazing show. This is just as good as the "Walking Dead!" The characters and story line was terrific! I haven't came across a good television show in a long time. I HOPE they come out with season 3! PLEASE make it happen!

shoot i got so into the show .well at least Abby got her son Peter back!

Just found the show on Netflix! So sad there is no season 3! I wanted to know about Anya and Tom!

Bring it back!!!!! I got addicted watched it ALL and to have it end like a 3rd is coming?? Lame!! I loved it!!!!! Boooo could have stopped the show a BETTER way instead of leading us thinking there be a season 3. After watching it on Netflix and realizing it was over I giggled for a season 3!! I'm disappointed =\

This alwayyyyys happens when i find shows I like on Netflix. Note to BBC. Put your show on Netflix BEFORE you cancel it. It's so easy to gain a following there. Rookie move. all the rest, just discovered it on Netflix. It is mesmerizing. I cannot believe they cancelled it. But I really can't believe that it was put on netflix to begin with.....something that just leaves you hanging like this.....that's cruel and unusual punishment!!!!!

I also got into this on Netflix.
This is one of the best shows I have seen I can't believe they canceled this.
Being from Canada I wish the CBC could make a show like this, but the bbc did one worse they made this show but were not smart enough to know what they had.

I can't get enough of this show. I tore through it on Netflix in 3 days as well. Great characters, great storyline what more do you want.

Same wtf, i jus watched it Nextflix in a week awsome show even got my girl and neighbors into it.Bring it to america if the Brits dont appreciate it! Were ADDICTED! I have to know how Tom Fcks stuff up on that island! He's the bad guy you love to root for! Let him have the doctor he desrves it, so what if he's killed a few people, he's awsome!


Found on Netflix and am hooked! Please let's have another series :)

I too have been utterly addicted and this second just googles Season 3. Absolutely gutted that its been cancelled!!! If there is enough of a petition, the Beeb could bring it back!???

Dude, this show is awesome, I just watched it on Netflix in 2 days! It defiantly needs to come back! It has such a good story line! Way better then reality shows or stupid Jersey Shore type shows! BRING IT BACK!!

I just got done watching this series and want to see the third season. but wait, bbc does not want to make it. I hate when shows peak my interest and are canceled like that. At least end the series in a way that does not want people wanting more.

I too just devoured the whole series in one sitting on Netflix. And it's brilliant! At least wrap it up with a tv movie or something.

No more Survivors or Paradox? I want my license fee back

I love this show!!!! If they don't want to do another season that's fine but at least one last episode to answer all the questions would be nice.


ive been waiting for years for survivors to come back on, ive just watched it all on netflix and its been left on a cliff hanger and now i will never know what will happen next. BRING IT BACK !!!!!!!!1

Yet another that found this series on Netflix and loved it! With all the hype with shows like The Walking Dead and Revolution, Survivors fits in SO well and is so well made! This is the kind of show that people would LOVE if they knew about it! Bring it back PLEASE!!!

Nooooooo! It was getting intense as hell!

Bring it back... I really hope, that having the season on netflix, will make BBC think one more time about season 3.

Again another great series axed with out a good go of it. Whats wrong with this people, why do they get paid the big bucks just to start something they can't finish, or is it they finished something they just got started.......we need more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noooo!!! I was incredibly happy when I found this series from Netflix (couln't stop watching), and now my dreams of a new best show ever have ruined! Why, oh why?! Bring it back, please!!

Shame on you! This was WAY better than Lost! So dissapointed it didn't have a conclusion. :(

Same here, Netflix marathon of both seasons. Great show, excellent cast, much better than the Walking Dead. It brought a realistic look at very real post-apocalyptic scenario. The strength of the show was the core group, and how they developed over a short period of time. I can only wish the series resumes somewhere, or perhaps a film.

Tom's character was the one I really cared about. A divisive character, reminded me of Clint Eastwood in many of those Westerns. You knew the dude was bad to the bone, but needed a chance of belonging.

Lost was, a you Brits say, a bloody mess.

After Netflix , I may just reduce the number of cable channels. So in the end, people will pay for quality, as long as choice is available.

Well, I guess British tv execs are a lot like the American ones... owned by the mighty dollar. Sad. I too have just watched all the episodes on Netflix and want to know what's going to happen. The worst part about cancelling shows is that they don't even care to try to wrap things up...just leave it all dangling in the wind - what a way to treat loyal customers. And they wonder why so many people (including most of my friends) do not pay for cable tv anymore and just watch things on netflix... because more than half of the tv shows i can think of (more like 80%) DO NOT HAVE AN ENDING!!!! STOP BEING TW*TS AND FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED YOU DIRTY THIEVING CROOKS!!!

Season 3 has to be done we all need closure.

omg sooooooo disappointed that i have watched 2 series to find out thats it!!! please rethink this decision BBC leaving a series unfinished should not be allowed. should be something in the small print!

Bring it back! Please!

Everyone in the US wants more and more!!!!! AMC or A&E We want it bad. thanks to netflix we all want it and need it


I watched both series on Netflix in one night one after the other and I really can't believe there isn't going to be a third. After watching the first episode I fell in love with survivors and could not stop watching before I knew it I'd been up the hole night and had ran out of episodes to watch witch was rather disappointing especially after the way it ended talk about a cliffhanger with no chance of finding out what's going to happen wish there would be a new series

also found it on Netflix i am hungry for some more it is to bad that it ended so soon very good show, i don't have anything else to what that's that good.

Are you serious!!! How can there not be a season 3????

Bring this back! It's a massive hit in the USA and Canada!

I would pay big time! GREAT show!

GAAAAH! I wanna know how how the "the other side" looked liked and how Tom would be greeted there! Watched this on netflix and I want mooooore!

Please bring it back, i just watched both seasons and thought it was great!

nnnnooooooooooooooo...... my whole family and friends enjoyed this and we were anticipating a series 3

I liked this comment mostly because it opened with the word poppycock :D (Also, I agree. I miss Tom already)

I kept waiting for Tom to do just that every time Dexter showed up.


i never heard of the programme when it was on tv but if i had of i would have been watching it! i started watching series 1 on netflix and was so into them i stayed up all night till the end of series 2! Now its annoying me what happens next! There needs to be a series 3! :( i loved it


i agree i loved it and was disappointed there isnt a 3rd series

WHAT.... I found this on netflix this week and have already zoomed through the first season.... please make a third!

absolutey gutted iv been waiting 3 years for the return and i read this today ;( make my own season 3

We want a conclusion !!! Just another 6 episods and it will be ok !!!!!!

no season 3? I've just wasted days watching the first two season?! omg can the writers at least tell us wtf was going on??

Good series, shame to cut it, it's all about the £££'s. Try the remake of Battlestar Galactica. It's totally addictive and the series (in all 5) is complete. The follow-on series Caprica which was basically a prequel, was axed - just like survivors. This time it was all about the $$$'s. The only good series on the BBC recently have been on BBC4 - the Killing , the Bridge etc.

I wish they continued survivors! I just finished watching it and i really loved it!

This is sad, all the suspense of the end of season 2 and they don't bring it back.. like what the heck were they thinking.


keep the comments going and maybe the bbc will get the hint and give us season 3.

Bring it back, perfect serial, I love it.

Bring it back! Pitch it to Netflix or US production company

They left it very open with no climax- with Tom in the plane clearly with 1 intention: to have a 3rd series??! This was by far one of the slickest, best made, believable, impressive and well acted BBC dramas we have had IN YEARS!!! It's not too late...BBC please bring it back!!

Please bring it back. I loved this series.

Oh no! I'm also a netflix victim. It is a great series! Dave

I'm so devastated! Something else must have happened because if you see below I can't see a single bad thing said about the tv show! I love it! I really want a third season and more.. Hope BBC or someone continues with the show ='(

cant believe this series didn't continue such a disappointment. big mistake on that networks part of which I have never even heard of. could have made BBC more popular.

TV stations keep cancelling shows due to low viewing ratings the only reason the ratings are low is because people can watch the shows online so the TV stations don't get ratings but if they looked at the online ratings of a show they might see that the rating is actually really high, the BBC and NBC really need to jump into the 21st century and start looking at the way people use the internet TV ratings go down but the Internet ratings go up so the show ratings stay pretty much the same just people wait a few extra months to watch it on things like live streams, Netflix and LoveFilm along with others.

BBC and NBC and other TV stations understand this is the 21st century start to understand the way the world works now have common scene please bring shows back and carry them on don't cancel because your TV station is getting low viewing rates that's only because everyone in on this thing you might not know yet it's called the INTERNET. You may be annoyed because you are not getting money from this but if you looked into it you could actually make money from it that is why Netflix and other companies have these contracts so you don't loose money you would most likely make double or even triple the money you would from the TV station as films and shows can be broadcast in other countries which opens up the opportunity for you to make more money. Get with the times Internet is the way things go now a days.

The BBC is still a post-war propaganda network, yes they have to live with civil liberties, in the end the authors can't portrait politicians that "co-exist" with savage capitalists or else people would understand how their system work. This tale asks while questioning you if you need society, about all the things we take for granted, a our nature both as beasts and so-called "intelligent" beings. I think the show mistake was making the "minister" too real :-D

I just started watching the show on Netflix & when i found out no season 3 It felt like my heart got broken..Now we will never find out where the plane lands =[

Bring back survivors its amazing

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF%$^%$£"£$%^***&^%$K YOU! I'VE BEEN WASTING MY TIME!!! Why didn't you say so in episode 1?!

SURVIVORS didn't work as it was not gripping unlike the original seventies series its sad but this remake was a failure!

Bring it back.. even in Holland we love it...

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