V: new series to be split in two

News Simon Brew
1 Oct 2009 - 07:45
V 2009

The reimagining of V will arrive in two chunks, it’s been confirmed. Bah.

The word has been very positive on the new take on TV classic V that's heading to the small screen later this year. The reviews we've seen of the pilot episode, which we've not had the pleasure of, had been borderline ecstatic in some places, and it bodes well for the 13 episode run ahead of us.

However, V looks like it might be falling victim to the kind of scheduling insanity that damaged shows such as Fringe last year. ABC has confirmed that only four episodes of the show are scheduled to be broadcast this year, with the first going out on November 3rd. After that, the remaining nine episodes are going to be held back until next spring.

We understand that the plan is to put a substantial cliffhanger at the end of the fourth episode to keep interest in the show high, but we do yearn for the momentum of a full, consecutive 13-episode run. Just see what it managed to do for 24 at its peak. Conversely, we have less fond memories of the sporadic scattering of Lost episodes before ABC saw sense there and scheduled them more consistently.

V still looks like one of the stronger ‘reimaginings' (that appears to be the current phrase we're supposed to use), but it's just a pity it's a dish we're not going to get in regular enough instalments. Roll on November 3rd, though.

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