Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks & Felicity Jones set for Dan Brown's Inferno film

Simon Brew News
Dec 3, 2014

Ron Howard will direct, Tom Hanks will star and we now learn that Felicity Jones will join them for the film of Dan Brown's Inferno...

Latest Dan Brown adaptation, Inferno, delayed until 2016

Angels & Demons
Simon Brew News
Oct 10, 2014

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard will make Dan Brown's Inferno, but it's been moved away from Star Wars...

TV adaptation of Big in development at Fox

Rob Leane News
Oct 1, 2014

Tom Hanks comedy Big, a rather appropriate film to downsize, is coming to the small screen…

TNT developing Neil Armstrong miniseries One Giant Leap

Rob Leane News
Sep 22, 2014

One small step for TV programming, One Giant Leap for mankind. Four hours of Neil Armstrong’s story are coming to telly…

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard to reunite for Dan Brown's Inferno

Mr Ron Howard, with his leeetle friends...
Ryan Lambie News
Aug 27, 2014

Director Ron Howard's all set to direct Dan Brown's fourth book in the Da Vinci Code series, with Tom Hanks once again starring...

The collateral damage of Tom Hanks movies

Angels & Demons
Simon Brew Feature
Jul 16, 2014

To get to a happy ending in a Tom Hanks movie, an innocent character has to pay the price. Here's the proof...

Release dates for Spielberg's new films confirmed

Simon Brew News
Jun 17, 2014

The BFG and Steven Spielberg's thus far untitled Cold War spy thriller now have release dates...

When did big budget star vehicles become the underdogs?

Rob Leane Feature
Jun 9, 2014

After the curious case of Edge Of Tomorrow’s surprise critical popularity, Rob investigates a strange Hollywood happening…

The Coen brothers writing Spielberg's Cold War film

Simon Brew News
May 21, 2014

Tom Hanks stars, Steven Spielberg directs, and now Joel and Ethan Coen are wrting a new Cold War drama...

Revisiting Band Of Brothers: Points

Robert Keeling Review
Mar 7, 2014

Rob's Band Of Brothers look-back reaches its final entry, revisiting series finale, Points...