The Thing

New trailer for The Thing

The Thing
Simon Brew Trailer Sep 20, 2011

The prequel to The Thing is getting closer. And this new red band trailer gives us more of an idea of what to expect...

The films to watch out for before the end of the year

Simon Brew News Jul 27, 2011

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What we’ve learned from the trailer for The Thing

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jul 17, 2011

Having viewed the trailer for The Thing several times, we set down all that we’ve learned about this forthcoming prequel…

Chilling first trailer appears for The Thing

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jul 14, 2011

Snow, frightened men in beards and a shape-shifting alien. It can only be the trailer for the forthcoming The Thing prequel, which you can see here...

Cinema’s 10 greatest disembodied brains and heads

Ryan Lambie Odd List Jun 23, 2011

We provide a rundown of ten of the most memorable and freaky floating brains and flying heads in the history of cinema...

Top 10 goo-filled films to make you shudder

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Mar 28, 2011

Melting astronauts! Sentient ooze! We celebrate cinema’s most memorable goo-filled films…

10 potentially great sci-fi movies coming in 2011

Ryan Lambie News Mar 16, 2011

With Battle: LA and Source Code already in cinemas, 2011’s shaping up to be a big year for sci-fi. Here are 10 other genre films set to appear over the next few months…

10 tricks alien invaders could learn from the movies

Alien invaders take note
Ryan Lambie Odd List Mar 9, 2011

As Battle: Los Angeles arrives in cinemas, we provide a few handy hints for aliens thinking of invading Earth...

New release date for The Thing revealed

Simon Brew News Nov 24, 2010

Universal confirms that it’s shunted the release of The Thing back to October next year…