The Phantom

Defenders Of The Earth: a cartoon that should be a movie

Philip Tibbetts Feature Jun 3, 2014

Now we've had an Avengers movie, surely it's time for the original superhero team to make their way to the cinema screen?

New movie of The Phantom planned

Simon Brew News May 1, 2014

The Ghost That Walks, The Phantom himself, is heading back to the big screen. Without Billy Zane, we're guessing.

Genuinely terrible movie taglines

Simon Brew News Jul 12, 2011

A good movie tagline can, at the very least, help in the promotion of a film. But what about when it goes wrong? Er…

What happened to comic book movies in the 1990s?

Simon Brew News Nov 5, 2010

With the movie schedules jam-packed with comic book movies right now, why was the 1990s so poor for them? Simon finds out…