The Mummy

The Mummy: Tom Cruise linked with lead in new film

Simon Brew News
Nov 25, 2015

The report is being downplayed, but Tom Cruise is reported to be in talks for Univeral's The Mummy reboot...

Classic monsters movie universe: Universal planning a film a year

The Mummy
Simon Brew News
Nov 18, 2015

Details have started to emerge as to the direction and frequency of Universal's upcoming classic monsters movie universe.

Van Helsing movie reboot has new writers

Simon Brew News
Nov 12, 2015

Help arrives for the new Van Helsing from the writers of Prometheus and Final Destination 5...

The Mummy reboot may make the monster female

The Mummy
Simon Brew News
Oct 15, 2015

Universal is leaving the gender of its new The Mummy open, to be determined by the casting process...

Movie sequels and the old 65% rule

Simon Brew Feature
Sep 15, 2015

It's not that long ago that a sequel that did 65% of the original's business was deemed a success. Tell that to Spider-Man today...

The animated spin-offs that rebooted 1990s movies

Mark Harrison Feature
Aug 14, 2015

From Men In Black to Free Willy and Jumanji, here's how these 90s movie properties ended up as animated kids' TV series...

The Mummy, Warcraft, Pacific Rim 2, Fifty Shades release dates

Simon Brew News
Apr 24, 2015

The Fifty Shades sequels, Duncan Jones' Warcraft and Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim sequel all have new release dates...

Looking ahead to the big blockbusters of summer 2016

Simon Brew Feature
Aug 26, 2015

Reboots, videogame adaptations, and a few long awaited sequels are all due for release next year...

Alex Kurtzman on why the Venom movie can go darker

Simon Brew News
Sep 12, 2014

Alex Kurtzman, the director of the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off Venom, on the appeal of the character...

Dates confirmed for The Mummy and Huntsman spin-off

Snow White And The Huntsman
Simon Brew News
Aug 1, 2014

The new The Mummy and Snow White And The Huntsman films will both arrive in 2016...