The Flash

Arrow season 3 episode 11 review: Midnight City

Caroline Preece Review Jan 30, 2015

Team Arrow emerges from this week's episode newly established, with Felicity back in the fold...

The Flash episode 11 review: The Sound And The Fury

Caroline Preece Review Jan 30, 2015

The Flash appears to have learnt from Arrow's mistakes, and the result is a show with a roster of great villains and a lot of heart...

Ezra Miller on playing The Flash, multiple DC films

Simon Brew News Jan 30, 2015

The Flash movie will star Ezra Miller in 2018. But he's committed to more films than that one...

Arrow and The Flash: next crossover confirmed

Rob Leane News Jan 28, 2015

The next crossover between Arrow and The Flash will take place in episode 18 of the scarlet speedster’s show...

Melissa Benoist cast as TV’s Supergirl

Rob Leane News Jan 23, 2015

CBS and Warner Bros.' search is over – Supergirl will be played by Glee's Melissa Benoist…

The Flash episode 10 review: Revenge Of The Rogues

Caroline Preece Review Jan 22, 2015

The Flash delivers a light-hearted episode that proves how far removed it is from the world of Arrow...

Arrow and The Flash: first footage of new Black Canary

Rob Leane News Jan 21, 2015

Katie Cassidy’s take on Black Canary is the highlight of the new Arrow and The Flash’s new teaser trailer…

When TV superheroes lose their powers

Caroline Preece Feature Jan 20, 2015

As Buffy Summers, Nick Burkhardt, Barry Allen and more have discovered, losing your super-powers is a classic hero rite of passage…

What is comic book TV's problem with love interests?

Rob Leane Caroline Preece Feature Jan 16, 2015

Gotham, The Flash, Arrow... Why do the current crop of geek TV shows have such trouble creating a central romance fans want to root for?

The Flash: Dexter’s Devon Graye joins show, villains trailer

Rob Leane News Jan 15, 2015

Ready for more villain nicknames? You’d better be, because The Flash has plenty more a-coming…