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Top 10 Robert Mclaughlin
10 Apr 2008 - 09:40
South Park: so which are your favourite episodes?

Rob loves South Park, which has made picking out just ten best episodes for his all-time favourites list quite a job. He's managed it, though...

The genius creation of Trey Parker and Matt Stone has spawned some brilliant episodes. Rob picks out his ten best favourites.



This is one of the first parody episodes and also stars Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith, along with those lovely little Japanese ladies who live in a shell from Godzilla movies.

This episode revolves around Barbra Streisand trying to find ‘The Diamond of Pantios’ which has recently been dug up in a South Park archaeological dig. After exploring the site, the kids pick up the final piece and are subsequently kidnapped by the evil Barbra.

When she completes the diamond, she turns into a evil ‘mech-streisand/Godzilla’ like thingy and tries to destroy South Park. Only the combined power of giant monster versions of Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and The Cure’s Robert Smith are able to defeat her. Insane, fun and just plain silly, the episode is a great ode to Toho films.

Available on: South Park - Season 1 [1997] at
Download from iTunes UK: Mecha StreisandSpooky Fish

There is nothing scarier than an evil fish, and with Aunt Flo visiting, Stan’s fears are turned up to 11 as her innocent goldfish is bought along for the journey. He has good reason for his fears too, as the bodies mount up in and around where the fish has been.

Upon investigating the guys find that the fish is from a parallel dimension, and from a pet-shop that happens to be built on an Indian burial ground. After the owner digs up the bodies, does unnecessary bodily functions on the bits then buries them upside down, the portal to the evil ‘mirror/mirror dimension’ opens.

And it’s not only the fish who have come through, as evil-goatee bearded versions of Stan, Kenny and Kyle come across to invade South Park. All that can stop them is Cartman and his ‘evil-twin’ who is the exact opposite to him and well…nice.

A great send up of Star Trek and other evil twin based episodes (Knight Rider for example), as well as Poltergeist and other 80s horror films, the episode uses crude cut screen techniques and fake ‘back of head’ shots to for added realism.

Available on South Park - Season 2 at
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The Super Best Friends

Do you hate David Blaine? You ain’t alone, as Matt and Trey show their distain for the po-faced magic munter, when the boys of South Park discover the “magic” of Mr Blaine. But Stan finds out that he isn’t all that he seems…

With Cartman hooked into Blaine’s cult, the only way to stop a mass suicide on Washington and for Blaine to gain ultimate power is for Jesus and his ‘Super-Best-Friends’ team of deities to defeat the evil power of Blaine.

Not afraid to mock organised religion, the episode has a hint of Justice League and Power Rangers to it, while also managing to offend every major religion on the planet in just one 22 minute show. Plus it shows Mr Blaine in a less than happy light, too. Great stuff.

Available on South Park - Season 5 [1997] at
Download from iTunes UK: The Super Best FriendsScott Tenorman Must Die

You will never eat chilli again after this episode. After getting ripped off by the older Scott Tenorman, Cartman is conned into buying pubic hair. And after being repeatedly insulted, made a fool of and bullied by the evil Scott, Cartman gets the ultimate revenge with a hugely elaborate plan, with the help of Radiohead.

With a finale that will turn you off food, this is Cartman at his very worst/best, with a piece of cartoon fun that is just pure evil and very very funny. ‘I hope you enjoyed your Chilli Scott’. Oh yes, indeed.

Available on South Park - Season 5 [1997] at
Download from iTunes UK: Scott Tenorman Must DieThe Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

Butters is in my opinion the second best character in the entire series (with of course Eric being by far the vilest and best character ever to walk the snowy streets of South Park) and with this episode the naïve and quite possibly insane Butters watches an adult film instead of The Two Towers, and becomes a Gollum-like creature trying to get the video back.

With video mix ups, gangs of teen kids who look like orcs and Cartman becoming Gandalf, the episode is really a huge chase following the guys' epic quest to return the video to the shop before they have a late fine. Of course, and Butters and the kids' parents are all trying to their hands on the ‘Precious’ too...

Available on South Park - Season 6 on
Download from iTunes UK: Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers


Good Times With Weapons

When a travelling fair comes to town, the boys buy martial arts weapons and turn into cool Manga-inspired Ninja warriors. With no villains to fight, it is up to Butters to once again become his evil alter ego of General Chaos, and become a Magneto/ M. Bison style bad guy for the team to defeat.

However, when one of Kenny's ninja stars gets thrown and stuck in Butters' eye, the boys must do the only logical thing possible, dress Butters up as a dog and take him to the vet to get him treatment. With 101 gaming and anime references, the Manga versions of the kids are superb. The bit where people are turned into Final Fight/Dragon Ninja type characters is just genius.

Available on South Park - Season 8 at
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Make Love, Not Warcraft

Near legendary here at work (and I feel a little too close to the truth), this take on MMORPGs is one of the best episodes of South Park ever, just for sheer creativity. The guys are all hooked on Warcraft, but when a renegade player continually kills then and massacres the rest of the online community, it is up to Cartman, Boars and an 80s fight montage (along with the sword of 1000 truths) to stop the end of the world (of Warcraft).

Using both the traditional South Park animation and in-game footage from Warcraft, the scripting and thought that has gone into this episode is just superb. Seeing the avatars of the guys, especially Catman’s Dwarf, is just comedy gold. Not forgetting Butters’ passion for ‘Hello Kitty boo-boo fun’, which itself delivers great one-liners. The episode hits home both the addiction and fun to be had in Warcraft, and also shows you how you can kill something that has no life.

Available on South Park: Season 10 [1998] (REGION 1) at
Download from iTunes UK: Make Love, Not WarcraftGo God Go

Richard Dawkins is a hero of mine, but his liaison with Ms Garrison is just plain wrong, and has given me nightmares ever since. Bought in to cover science class after Ms Garrison states that evolution is really just fish, squirrels and mutant monkeys making love, this is a great swipe at ‘Creationists’ and ‘Creationism’ being taught as fact in America (rather than in a theology class).

Ethical opinion aside, this two parter’s main story involves Cartmen’s wait for the Wii, a feeling that I know all too well. To solve this he gets Butters to help him cryogenically freeze himself to wake up in two weeks when the Wii is launched. However, things don’t go to plan and he’s hurtled in a Buck Rogers way into the future where mankind is at war with itself about what to call its non-religion. A bigger threat of the growing Sea-Otters army is also on the horizon.

This is a great two parter for many reasons, not least seeing Cartman tucked into his mum’s freezer cabinet. One of the funniest and cutting episodes to date.

Available on South Park: Season 10 [1998] (REGION 1) at
Download from iTunes UK: Go God GoImaginationland

Seasons 9, 10 and 11 have bought us some of the funniest and thought provoking episodes of South Park since the show’s inception, and this again has Matt and Trey gaining a perfect ten for storytelling and social commentary. Originally intended to by the second South Park movie, this three part episode kicks off with a bet revolving around Cartman seeing a leprechaun. As is usual, nobody believes him, however this is only the start of a much bigger plot that involves a terrorist group attack on the imagination of the USA.

Imaginationland is the place where both all the good and bad creations that have ever been thought up all live. However, when terrorists find a way into the imagination, it is up the guys to try and help the US government reclaim the imagination of the nation. With the help of Stargate-like technology Stan and Kyle venture into the Imaginationland, getting involved in a Saving Private Ryan-type massacre of good guy characters by evil imagination characters, and a finale that makes the end battle of The Return of the King look like a playground spat.

Added to this we have the return of the Cute Forrest Critters, the Man-Bear-Pig and dozens of cameos of fantasy characters such as Popeye, Freddy Krueger, Aslan, The Cyclops from 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Jesus and many many more.

Elsewhere…Cartman will not give up his quest to make Kyle follow through on their bet (involving the leprechaun) to suck his balls – sheer genius.

Available on South Park: Season 11 (NTSC) at
Download from iTunes UK: ImaginationlandMajor Boobage

Finally we have a very, very new episode in which the kids of South Park take part in a new drug craze called ‘Cheesing’, which involves cat pee. However it’s not the gross sight of watching Kenny getting a full shot of kitty widdle that makes this such as great episode. It is the fact that when the characters take their wild and wacky trip they are shot off into a crazy homage to the 1981 film Heavy Metal.

For anyone who has never seen the film it is sort of a cross between the animated Lord of the Rings, Thundercats, Frank Frazetta drawings, Iron Maiden covers and erm… porn. There are many, many pairs of sci-fi based boobies on display.

The tone and feel of the film is perfectly captured with both Kenny and Kyle’s dad taking a trip to a purple-skied planet full of orcs, monsters, dragons and motorbike-riding super-models. A must-watch episode, which is an unlikely late entry to the top ten.

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