Alcatraz cancelled

News Simon Brew 10 May 2012 - 00:28

JJ Abrams’ Alcatraz won’t be getting a second season, as the show is cancelled…

The first season of JJ Abrams’ Alcatraz had been a bit of a bumpy affair, but its intriguing premise wasn’t helped by some conventional execution, which it got bogged down in to an extent. That was reflected, sadly, in the ratings, with the show ending on disappointing numbers. From that point onwards, Alcatraz was always going to struggle to get a second season.

And now comes the confirmation that it hasn’t. There’s no big, mighty announcement here, just that Fox has decided not to pick the show up for a second season order. Furthermore, given the low ratings and the cost of making Alcatraz, a second season isn’t likely to be picked up by anyone else, either.

A pity. There was the nucleus of a good show here, as our look-back at season one explains. It’s not the only show that’s not been picked up for a new season either, as confirmation has come through that The Finder has been axed as well.

At least we’re getting more Fringe


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Good, I won't have to start watching it only to have it end in a confusing mess of an ending like Lost

yea...every one of these shows are so heavy in get bored cause you have to wait like 3 years to go OH THATS WHATS HAPPENING.    Why does every show have to have some major secret involved in get to the point you dont even care after a while and the writers write themselves into a corner....  Tv Shows SUCK.  Reality has killed the sitcom .   It appears you have to have either a hosptial or a cop in everything to keep peoples interest...  sad ...

this show had so much promise...but Sam Neil is just awful.   Plus it appeared everyone could get around San Fran from any point in like 3 minutes...  and can that blone cop.  oh my...she was terrible... ...boyish....yes...


Omg it was AWSOME best programme I've seen in ages !!!

You bunch of cunts!

Wat a loada crap! Bloody ragin!

I didn't really like Alcatraz so i don't mind but I LOVED the finder. It was funny and fresh and had some bones characters in it too. I mean really do we need fringe? what about all the other crappy shows out there and the ones being made that are gonna suck?

then they can tell us what was gonna happen to the blonde chick :3

this is messed up....i loved both alcatraz n the

also love how they cancelled it and left us hanging....god

Bloody hell. That was one of the best shows in a long time. Surely somebody can pick it up and run with it for a second series.

Oh I am over Network T.V. they take out all of the good shows. Awake was a great show too! I hate these one season shows, its like I am wasting my time watching them for them to just get cancelled.

Fox sucks big time for doing this!

Just watched the final episode of series 1. It is like I am hanging. What next Mzansi

Alcatraz was a good series I thought, it kept you thinking unlike other shows which I find are rubbish such as touched and finder.

Good riddance. Another lame show with a big, meaningless :secret" - to be revealed in about 60 episodes time - bites the dust. But don't despair, the author has a new turkey in the race to network inanity, "Revolution", and if it looks like a rip-off, walks like a ripoff, and smells like a ripoff, who cares - the dumb TV execs won't notice.

It is Fox's long tradition to shut down shows after one season!! It's like they don't review the show before production and have no respect of any kind to the viewers opinion! I'm sure that the production team got as surprised as we did, because if they know about the decision they would have tried to at least finish the story!

Too bad. I just watched all 13 épisodes And quite enjoyed it. Another bad call from Fox.

To be fair, doing the same thing every week (capture the convinct) and then giving us two seconds of mystery at the end of each episode doesn't make a great show. If I hadn't been really, really bored sometimes I would never have continued watching it after the first three episodes, which were basically all the same, and continued to be the same every week. I think it's fair to cancel a show that is that LAZY. It may motivate writers and producers to put a little more effort into making TV shows. If you let them get away with everything they'll just feed you crap every week until your brain implodes.

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