Episode 1 of Doctor Who series 7 to screen this August

Episode 1 of Doctor Who series 7 is screening in Edinburgh this August. Is a BBC air date soon to follow?

Buried in a Guardian profile of this year’s MGEITF (or the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, if you prefer) is an interesting nugget dug out by SFX. Amidst the events of the TV festival, which runs from August 23rd to 25th, a very special screening is set to take place: episode 1 of Doctor Who season 7. 

According to The Guardian, “The Doctor Who showrunner, Moffat, will give a masterclass on BBC1's Sherlock, along with his co-creator, Mark Gatiss, and the producer, Sue Vertue, and there will be an exclusive preview screening of the first episode of the next series of Doctor Who.”

If you remember, episode 6.8 Let’s Kill Hitler, was previewed last year at the same Edinburgh festival, and screened on BBC just a day afterwards, so following that logic, could episode 7.1 air on UK TV on Saturday the 25th of August? The bank holiday weekend is considerably earlier than the Christmas date previously expected, but we're sure nobody will complain about that...

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I really do suspect that there is a plan to have a real monster year for the 20th anniversary, the first half of Season 7 in October this year then the other half of Season 7 in say easter next year and a full season starting in Sep 12 with the last episode of season 8 to be broadcast on the exact date of the 50th anniversary which happens to be on a saturday next year meaning we will get a massive 22 episodes next year, the 8 from Season 7, the 13 from season 8 and the Xmas 2013 special.

Not sure what happened to my previous comment on this, let alone the other 8 or so comments from others. Guess it was lost in the move to the new-look website.... I still reckon we are in for a late autumn start to the new series. Personally a Saturday around Halloween, just as the clocks go back, would be ideal.

Some nice ideas there. If they don't broadcast Doctor Who on Saturday November 23rd 2013, I'll be very surprised and the BBC will have seriously missed an opportunity. I think Series 7 should be broken (slightly) into October/November 2012 and Christmas Day to early Feb 2013. Certainly it will gain most viewers at that point in the year. The light nights kick in at the end of March and since the series returned it has played on Spring or early Autumn Saturdays, aside from the Christmas Day episodes. The only exception was The Waters of Mars which was transmitted in mid-November on a Sunday evening (in part because the scheduling of Strictly Come Dancing's ever-growing episode lengths meant there wasn't a decent slot on the Saturday). The darkness added an extra layer of scary and from the BBC's point of view some 3 million extra viewers....

I will, Im getting married on that day, sky+ me thinks lol

Move the wedding to the next day ;)

Congrats - we got married on the sam day 11 years ago. I had to sacrifice Green Day and Rancid playing at Leeds Festival :(

September 1st is the airdate, Not august 25th.

are you sure because a lot of official doctor who websites say august 25th. unless you are not in the uk then it will be the next week, which is the 1st.

Just a reminder people... The thing about Doctor Who starting up on August 25th was just a rumor because of the whole premiere logic. It's not actually confirmed about when it's released, according to the official Doctor Who tumblr (Probably other places too). The release date couldn't even be on the 25th because there's a special about how doctor who is made that day! So you can have that to tide you over.

Thank you,I had a small spaz.

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