Will Ferrell

First trailer: Will Ferrell in The Campaign

Simon Brew Trailer

A summer comedy worth keeping an eye on? Here's the first full trailer for Will Ferrell in The Campaign...

Adam McKay hints at the story for Anchorman 2

Ryan Lambie News Apr 11, 2012

Director Adam McKay’s dropped a few clues about the story for the belated Ron Burgundy comeback movie, Anchorman 2…

Anchorman 2: what took so long, and will it be any good?

Sean Marland News Apr 2, 2012

As Paramount finally announces its sequel to the classic Anchorman, Sean looks at whether it can recapture the comic brilliance of the 2004 original…

Anchorman 2 gets the green light

Ron Burgundy rules. But he doesn't rule in HD.
Simon Brew News Mar 29, 2012

It’s definite: there’s going to be another Anchorman movie, as the further adventures of Ron Burgundy are set for the big screen…

Casa De Mi Padre review

Casa De Mi Padre
Ron Hogan Review Mar 19, 2012

Will Ferrell stars, and Casa De Mi Padre ends up reminding Ron a little of Black Dynamite...

Looking back at Jon Favreau's Elf

Louisa Mellor News Dec 18, 2011

Just in time for Christmas, Louisa looks back at the holiday classic, Elf, one of the big festive hits of 2003...

John Lithgow cast in Dog Fight

John Lithgow
Glen Chapman News Nov 24, 2011

The great John Lithgow lands a brand new role, in Will Ferrell's latest film, Dog Fight...

Will Ferrell to reunite with Adam McKay on Swear To God

Ryan Lambie News Jun 30, 2011

Having worked together multiple times in the past, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will join forces once again for the comedy Swear To God...

Top 10 on-screen David Bowie impressions

Louisa Mellor Top 10 Jun 26, 2011

As part of our Labyrinth 25th birthday celebration, Louisa takes a look over the finest David Bowie impressions of all time…