Werner Herzog

Zak Penn interview: Atari: Game Over, Ready Player One

Ryan Lambie Interview Jan 28, 2015

Writer/director Zak Penn talks about his documentary Atari: Game Over, resilience in Hollywood, Ready Player One & Last Action Hero.

Looking back at Werner Herzog's Nosferatu

Jeff Szpirglas Feature Aug 5, 2014

Now 35 years old, Werner Herzog's take on Nosferatu still contains a shadowy, uundiminished power, Jeff writes...

Tom Cruise to return for Jack Reacher sequel

Simon Brew News Dec 10, 2013

Paramount wants a sequel to last year's Jack Reacher movie, with Tom Cruise once again set to star...

Jai Courtney interview: Die Hard, Herzog, Andy Whitfield and more

Simon Brew Interview Feb 13, 2013

Jai Courtney, the co-star of the new Die Hard film, chats to us about being a McClane, as well as Spartacus, and Werner Herzog...

When directors play movie villains

Ryan Lambie Odd List Jan 8, 2013

As Werner Herzog lights up the screen as the villain in Jack Reacher, we look at a few other directors who've turned evil for the movies...

Jack Reacher review

Simon Brew Review Dec 21, 2012

Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher, on the big screen at least. But does his latest thriller measure up?

Jack Reacher: new trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Oct 17, 2012

Werner Herzog scowls and Tom Cruise threatens people in the new trailer for Jack Reacher...

The directors who should tackle a Marvel movie

Glen Chapman Odd List Dec 12, 2011

With one eye on the currently empty director's chair for Thor 2, we've got a few ideas for people who should tackle a Marvel movie...

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams review

Ryan Lambie Review Mar 18, 2011

Werner Herzog directs the feature-length documentary, Cave Of Forgotten Dreams. It’s a rare example of 3D greatly improving a film’s impact, Ryan writes…

Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans Blu-ray review

Ryan Lambie Review Sep 29, 2010

Maverick director Werner Herzog’s tale of amorality and corruption, Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call - New Orleans hits Blu-ray. Ryan pushes the iguanas off the TV and checks it out...