Warner Brothers

Rumour: Warner Brothers and DC developing Titans TV series

Rob Leane News
Sep 12, 2014

On top of Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and Constantine, we may be seeing Titans on TV too…

Guillermo del Toro discusses Warner Bros' plans for DC films

Guillermo del Toro
Glen Chapman News
Nov 13, 2013

Whilst discussing Justice League Dark, Guillermo del Toro has provided some info on Warner Brothers' plans for DC

Hasbro files Dungeons & Dragons lawsuit

Glen Chapman News
May 16, 2013

The planned Dungeons & Dragons movie faces its first battle. Only it looks like being in the courtroom...

Guillermo del Toro on Justice League Dark

Guillermo del Toro
Glen Chapman News
May 13, 2013

Guillermo del Toro has been offering an update on his planned Justice League Dark project...

Guillermo del Toro in talks for superhero team up movie?

Guillermo Del Toro - currently a happy man.
Glen Chapman News
Nov 5, 2012

So impressed is Warner Bros with Pacific Rim, it might just be offering Guillermo del Toro a couple of interesting options...

Mark Millar discusses his plans for Marvel movies at Fox

Glen Chapman News
Oct 17, 2012

Mark Millar wants Fox to look at the model used by Marvel for The Avengers...

Leonardo DiCaprio to play The Imitation Game?

Leonardo DiCaprio
Glen Chapman News
Oct 12, 2011

Warner Bros have secured the rights to the biopic of British maths genius Alan Turing, and it seems as though Leonardo DiCaprio is their top choice for the role.