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Tim Burton's Batman: the pivotal superhero movie at 25

Ryan Lambie Feature Jun 23, 2014

Tim Burton's Batman was released 25 years ago. Ryan looks back at how it overcame a media backlash to become a defining 80s blockbuster...

Amazon not taking preorders for The LEGO Movie in the US

Simon Brew News Jun 11, 2014

Amazon in the US is not taking pre-orders for Warner Bros DVDs and Blu-rays, including The LEGO Movie...

What DC Comics movies has Warner Bros got up its sleeve?

Rob Leane Feature May 2, 2014

Warner Bros has announced nine new comic book movies over the next couple of years, but what could they be?

Watchmen's long journey from page to screen

Mark Harrison Feature Apr 22, 2014

Alan Moore always said his graphic novel was unfilmable, and for a while, that almost looked true. Mark looks at attempts to adapt Watchmen

Minecraft movie in the works at Warner Bros

Aaron Birch News Feb 28, 2014

It's official, Minecraft is heading to the silver screen thanks to a collaboration between Mojang and Warner Bros...

No plans to link Arrow to DC films, producer confirms

Louisa Mellor News Nov 25, 2013

TV's Arrow won't cross over with the DC cinematic universe any time soon, says Greg Berlanti...

Warner Bros chief wants new Wonder Woman film or TV show

Simon Brew News Oct 7, 2013

More hints come from Warner Bros about future DC films and TV shows - and Wonder Woman might be a priority...

Man Of Steel sequel to feature Superman and Batman?

Ryan Lambie News Jul 20, 2013

Reports suggest that Superman and Batman will unite for the first time in the sequel to this summer’s Man Of Steel...

Legendary's Jon Jashni interview: Pacific Rim, Godzilla, more

Ryan Lambie Interview Jul 15, 2013

In the wake of Pacific Rim and Man Of Steel, we talk to Legendary's president Jon Jashni about filmmakers, movies and marketing...

Justice League movie back to the drawing board

Simon Brew News Feb 8, 2013

It looks as if the Justice League film is back to square one, as the search begins for a new writer...