V For Vendetta

Natalie Portman: after Star Wars "no director wanted to work with me"

Simon Brew News Dec 18, 2014

After taking on the Star Wars prequel trilogy, "everyone thought I was a horrible actress", says Natalie Portman.

V For Vendetta director taking on Alien Sleeper Cell

Simon Brew News Sep 8, 2014

Alien Sleeper Cell emerges from development hell, as James McTeigue signs up to direct a sci-fi mix of Bourne and The Americans...

Top 25 underappreciated comic book movies

James Hunt Feature Jan 30, 2014

Comic book movies are solid blockbuster fare now, but there are plenty of adaptations that didn't get the love they deserved...

Top 10 disturbing dystopias

Sam Kurd Top 10 Feb 18, 2011

Film, TV and literature is filled with dark visions of the future, full of oppressive state control and bad weather. Here are 10 of the most disturbing…

Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo report

2000 AD panel
Matthew Sheppard News May 26, 2010

Matthew Sheppard visits the Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo, and meets some of his 2000AD and V For Vendetta comic artist heroes in the process...

10 movie politicians who would be even worse than the real-life candidates

Mark Harrison Odd List Apr 12, 2010

Mark highlights lots of screen politicians - and one banker - you wouldn't want running your country...

10 movies we don't see what all the fuss was about

Den of Odd List Mar 3, 2010

We asked our writers to pick out the film that they don't warm to that everyone else seems to. Here's what they came up with...