Tom Hooper

Sam Mendes back for James Bond 24?

Simon Brew News May 29, 2013

Could the director of Skyfall, Sam Mendes, be back after all for the next James Bond film?

The James Clayton Column: Macho Les Miserables and gender-coding genres

James Clayton Feature Jan 4, 2013

As the makers of Les Misérables pitch their movie as being "for blokes as well", James ponders the topic of gender-specific genres...

New trailer for Les Miserables

Simon Brew Trailer Nov 9, 2012

Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway line up for Les Miserables. And they're having a sing song right here...

Can you cut the swearing out of The King’s Speech?

Simon Brew News Feb 1, 2011

Is The Weinstein Company really looking to release a version of The King’s Speech, but without the F-bombs? And how would that work, exactly?

Colin Firth and Tom Hooper interview: The King’s Speech, Rocky IV and more

Michael Leader Interview Jan 7, 2011

As The King’s Speech arrives in cinemas, we met with director Tom Hooper and star Colin Firth to chat about the film…