Tom Hardy

John Hillcoat’s Lawless: stunning first trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Apr 25, 2012

Director John Hillcoat assembles a spectacular cast for the uncompromising period drama, Lawless. Here’s the first trailer…

The Dark Knight Rises: has Bane’s voice been fixed?

Simon Brew News Apr 25, 2012

It seems as those Tom Hardy’s Bane will be perfectly audible, as new material from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is screened…

Tom Hardy on Bane and The Dark Knight Rises

Simon Brew News Apr 16, 2012

Tom Hardy sheds a bit more light on the character of Bane, as seen in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises...

The James Clayton Column: the intertextual movie character encounter

James Clayton News Mar 1, 2012

As McG’s This Means War pits Tom Hardy against Chris Pine, James Clayton looks forward to seeing Kirk and Bane face off in an intertextual movie encounter…

Producer Emma Thomas on The Dark Knight Rises

Simon Brew News Feb 15, 2012

Emma Thomas talks Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Batman, Bane and Catwoman, as she has one or two things to say about The Dark Knight Rises…

The Dark Knight Rises round-up

The Dark Knight Rises
Simon Brew News Feb 14, 2012

Tom Hardy on the voice of Bane, Gary Oldman on an important scene in The Dark Knight Rises, and a van with some new promotional artwork…

Tom Hardy on The Dark Knight Rises

Simon Brew News Feb 1, 2012

At the premiere of his latest movie, Tom Hardy has been having a few words about playing Bane in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises…

Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles revealed

Glen Chapman News Jan 12, 2012

As they prepare to be shipped to Africa, some of the vehicles for Mad Max: Fury Road have been spotted.

Tom Hardy discusses his preparations for playing Al Capone

Glen Chapman News Jan 9, 2012

One of the many projects on Tom Hardy's slate is David Yates’ Cicero which will see Hardy play Al Capone. In a recent interview he discussed his preparations for the role.