Thor 2: The Dark World

Why does every superhero film have to end in a big fight?

Andrew Blair Feature Nov 13, 2013

The climactic fight has become a staple of superhero movies, but, Andrew wonders, do they always have to end this way?

The James Clayton Column: Making Marvel spin-offs eclectic

James Clayton Feature Nov 1, 2013

With Thor: The Dark World out now, James comes up with his own ways of expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

Zachary Levi talks Thor: The Dark World

Zachary Levi aka Chuck.
Glen Chapman News Dec 12, 2012

The Chuck star talks about taking over the role of Fandral the Dashing in Thor 2...

Chris Evans talks Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Glen Chapman News Sep 19, 2012

Chris Evans talks about how the extras on The Avengers Blu-ray will tie into Captain America 2...

Thor 2 has its villain

The Ninth Doctor
Ryan Lambie News Aug 2, 2012

Some big casting news for Marvel's Thor: The Dark World: the actor who'll play the villain...