The X-Files

28 great geeky Christmas jumpers

Rob Leane Odd List
Nov 27, 2015

From Die Hard to Star Wars, we've started putting together our collection of favourite Christmas jumpers. Add yours!

The X-Files: event series gets three more posters

Rob Leane News
Nov 20, 2015

The X-Files will return to Fox on Sunday the 24th of January. We've got some more posters for the event series here...

Frank Spotnitz interview: The Man In The High Castle

Louisa Mellor Interview
Nov 19, 2015

Alternate WWII history The Man In The High Castle arrives on Amazon this Friday, adapted from Philip K Dick’s novel by Frank Spotnitz…

Top 50 terrifying TV characters

Den Of Geek Feature
Oct 30, 2015

Jokers, circus masters and demonic dolls. Which TV characters terrify you? Den Of Geek asked its writers that very question…

Until Dawn, the interactive movie, and storytelling

Simon Brew Feature
Oct 20, 2015

Is Until Dawn the moment where videogames get movies better than movies get videogames?

The X-Files: another teaser trailer, feat. new footage

Rob Leane News
Oct 27, 2015

"This is dangerous" warns the new teaser for FOX's event series revival of The X-Files. Also - a short new trailer has landed...

The X-Files: Annabeth Gish to return as Agent Monica Reyes

Rob Leane News
Aug 12, 2015

Annabeth Gish will also return to The X-Files, joining Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny for the new event series…

The X-Files: Mulder and Scully have broken up

Rob Leane News
Aug 7, 2015

Scully is just a 'friend and physician' to Mulder, and there's no longer a romantic link between the iconic sci-fi duo...