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The Originals season 2 episode 2 review: Alive And Kicking

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The Originals stirs more vampires into the mix this week, and is all the better for it. Here's Caroline's review...

The Vampire Diaries season 6 episode 2 review: Yellow Ledbetter

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The Vampire Diaries season 6 episode 1 review: I'll Remember

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The Vampire Diaries is back for its sixth season. Caroline catches up with the gang to see what they've been up to since we last saw them

10 great milestone TV episodes

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New trailer arrives for The Vampire Diaries season 6

Rob Leane News Sep 9, 2014

Get a longer teaser trailer for The Vampire Diaries season 6 here…

Chris Wood joins The Vampire Diaries

Rob Leane News Jul 22, 2014

Actor Chris Wood jumps diary-based ships from The Carrie Diaries to The Vampire Diaries…

The Vampire Diaries season 6 casting news

Louisa Mellor News Jul 16, 2014

A new villain has been cast for The Vampire Diaries' sixth season, a familiar face from Eureka and Haven...

The TV characters we really, really don't want killed off

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Tyrion Lannister, Daryl Dixon, John Diggle... These are the TV characters we couldn't bear to lose...

The Vampire Diaries season 6 cast news

Louisa Mellor News May 21, 2014

A season five character has been promoted to season six regular in The Vampire Diaries...