The Sign Of Three

What do we know about Sherlock’s Mary Morstan?

Louisa Mellor Feature Jan 8, 2014

Ahead of Sherlock’s series 3 finale, we tot up what we know so far about this version of Mary Morstan. Speculation ahoy...

Sherlock, shark-jumping, and the casual viewer

Andrew Blair Feature Jan 7, 2014

Alienating viewers, water-skiing over sea predators... Andrew sifts through some of the criticism aimed at Sherlock's third series

Sherlock series 3 episode 2 review: The Sign Of Three

Louisa Mellor Review Jan 5, 2014

The Sign Of Three is a frenetic comedy outing for Sherlock Holmes, more rom-com than crime fiction…

Sherlock: The Sign Of Three trailer

Louisa Mellor Trailer Jan 2, 2014

John Watson is getting married. What could go wrong? Er, lots. Here's the episode trailer for Sherlock: The Sign Of Three...