The Name Of The Doctor

Doctor Who: examining River Song's final "spoilers"

Rob Leane Feature
Jan 31, 2014

Have we seen the last of River Song, or was her final "spoilers" a sign of things to come? Rob looks at the options

Does a BBC book give a Doctor Who 50th anniversary clue?

Simon Brew News
Nov 4, 2013

Could a BBC book from earlier in the year give a clue as to Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor?

Doctor Who: Clarence and the Whispermen extra scene

Louisa Mellor News
May 26, 2013

An extra scene showing how Clarence came into possession of those coordinates has been released by the BBC...

Doctor Who: Strax reports on the Doctor's greatest secret

Louisa Mellor News
May 24, 2013

Dan Starkey delivers another of Strax's field reports, this time on the Doctor's greatest secret (which has nothing to do with his chin)...

The big questions from Doctor Who: The Name Of The Doctor

Simon Brew Feature
May 20, 2013

Spoilers: we pick up the threads left behind by the bombshell ending to Doctor Who series 7, The Name Of The Doctor...

Doctor Who: The Name Of The Doctor spoiler-free thoughts

Simon Brew Feature
May 16, 2013

What treats are in store for the Doctor Who series 7 finale, The Name Of The Doctor? Here are some spoiler-free thoughts...

Doctor Who: who is Clara?

Andrew Blair Feature
May 9, 2013

Andrew looks at some likely (and unlikely) theories to answer the question running through Doctor Who 7b: who is Clara Oswald?

Doctor Who: new finale picture brings series 7 full circle

Louisa Mellor News
May 2, 2013

A first image from Doctor Who's series 7 finale, The Name Of The Doctor, has been released. What does it remind you of?

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat on The Name Of The Doctor

Louisa Mellor News
May 1, 2013

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat promises resolution for the Doctor and Trenzalore in the series 7 finale...

Doctor Who: series 7 finale title, cast & poster revealed

Louisa Mellor News
Apr 19, 2013

We finally know the title and tag line for Steven Moffat's series 7 finale. Step this way to find out...