The Lost Boys

Corey Feldman confirms the death of The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys
Glen Chapman News Nov 28, 2012

The Lost Boys 4 won't be happening, as Corey Feldman confirms the end of the series...

Warner Bros shuts down straight-to-DVD movie division

Simon Brew News Aug 14, 2012

The home of The Lost Boys, Free Willy and Ace Venture straight-to-DVD sequels is shutting down. But it might not be good news...

Celebrating the joys of The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys
Charlotte Stear News Jun 29, 2010

As Twilight Eclipse prepares to swoop into cinemas, we look back at Joel Schumacher’s 80s vampire classic, The Lost Boys...

Exclusive: Russell Mulcahy defends and explains Teen Wolf remake

Teen Wolf: the original
Duncan Bowles News Mar 14, 2010

The director of MTV's upcoming Teen Wolf remake, Mr Russell Mulcahy, defends the project, and explains what it's got to do with The Lost Boys...

Revisiting Joel Schumacher’s The Lost Boys

Carley Tauchert News Mar 3, 2010

Our look back at Joel Schumacher's films arrives at the one that's arguably his most popular: The Lost Boys...