The Goonies 2

The Goonies "is pret-a-porter for a sequel", says Sean Astin

Simon Brew News
Sep 28, 2015

Sean Astin believes that The Goonies 2 will definitely happen - and that it should...

The Goonies 2: original Chunk actor won't return

Chunk from The Goonies. He's a lawyer now, y'know...
Simon Brew News
Sep 7, 2015

If The Goonies 2 wants Chunk and the truffle shuffle back, they're going to need a new actor...

Chris Columbus gives update on Gremlins reboot, Goonies 2

Gremlins 2 = great movie
Simon Brew News
Apr 28, 2015

The new Gremlins film is coming along quicker than The Goonies 2, confirms Chris Columbus. Plus: JJ Abrams' influence on the new Gremlins...

Chris Columbus joins the Gremlins reboot

Don't feed 'em after midnight...
Simon Brew News
Jul 9, 2014

The writer of the original Gremlins joins the new movie as a producer...

Sean Astin on returning for The Goonies 2, story hints

Simon Brew News
Jun 11, 2014

What will the focus of The Goonies 2 be, and will Sean Astin and Corey Feldman be returning?

Steven Spielberg came up with the idea for The Goonies 2

Den of Geek loves The Goonies.
Simon Brew News
Apr 22, 2014

It's not just director Richard Donner back for The Goonies 2. Steven Spielberg is involved too...

Belated franchise revivals: the new Hollywood trend?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Apr 10, 2014

As Richard Donner floats the possibility of The Goonies 2, we wonder whether belated franchise revivals are a new Hollywood trend...

Richard Donner confirms The Goonies 2 plans

Den of Geek loves The Goonies.
Simon Brew News
Apr 7, 2014

Director Richard Donner has revealed that plans are afoot for The Goonies 2...