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Philip Hinchcliffe on producing Doctor Who, Tom Baker, special effects, Russell T Davies, Big Finish audio plays & more…

Louisa Mellor Interview Sep 3, 2013

Philip Hinchcliffe, Doctor Who producer 1974 - 1977, chats about Tom Baker, villains, visual FX, companions, the 2005 revival, & more…

Ray Cusick 1928 – 2013

Andrew Blair News Feb 24, 2013

Production designer Ray Cusick, who numbered the design of Doctor Who's Daleks amongst his career achievements, has died at the age of 84...

Is it time to give up on a Blake’s 7 reboot?

Alan Jackson News Sep 2, 2011

A classic of 70s sci-fi, Blake’s 7’s popularity has lingered long after the final episode aired. But should we hold out for a rebooted TV show, Alan wonders?