Takeshi Kitano

Looking back at Johnny Mnemonic

Kyle McManus Feature
Aug 15, 2014

One of the few big-screen adaptations of William Gibson's sci-fi, Johnny Mnemonic was largely ignored at the box-office. Kyle looks back...

Takeshi’s Challenge: a closer look at the worst videogame of all time

Ryan Lambie News
Jan 9, 2012

The awfulness of the Japanese-only NES title Takeshi’s Challenge is legendary. Ryan takes a look back at what is commonly regarded as the worst game ever…

Trailer arrives for Takeshi Kitano’s Outrage

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Sep 18, 2011

Takeshi Kitano’s violent drama about rival Japanese mafia gangs gets a new trailer. Take a look at the promo for Outrage right here…

Boiling Point DVD review

Boiling Point
Nick Smith Review
Jun 30, 2009

Takeshi Kitano's second movie arrives on DVD, and while one of his quieter films, it's worth hunting down...

Getting Any? DVD review

Getting Any?
Emma Matthews Review
Jun 10, 2009

Takeshi Kitano's 1995 return to comedy left many baffled on its original release. How does it fare now?

Sonatine DVD review

Glen Chapman Review
Jun 10, 2009

Takeshi Kitano's fourth feature, and Sonatine is a fine starting point if you're looking to give his work a try...

Violent Cop DVD review

Takeshi Kitano's Violent Cop. It's quite violent.
Michael Leader Review
Jun 5, 2009

Japanese celeb Takeshi Kitano makes a bloody splash in his directorial debut, Violent Cop.