14 memorable improvised moments on scripted TV

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The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Parks And Recreation. Every so often, unscripted lines by actors find their way into TV episodes…

Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural & more 2015 start dates

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The CW has announced the premiere dates for the new seasons of Arrow, The Flash and iZombie, as well as Supernatural and Vampire Diaries.

Supernatural season 10 episode 23 review: Brother's Keeper

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The Supernatural season 10 finale is a mixed bag containing strong performances and weaker narrative...

Supernatural season 10 episode 22 review: The Prisoner

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Supernatural goes into next week's season 10 finale with everyone set in opposition to each other...

Supernatural season 10 episode 21 review: Dark Dynasty

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Supernatural offers up one of its darkest episodes for a long while, one that significantly raised the season 10 stakes...

Supernatural season 10 episode 20 review: Angel Heart

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Castiel and his family issues take centre stage in the latest Supernatural...

Supernatural season 10 episode 19 review: The Werther Project

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This week's solid Supernatural episode comes with a Goethe-inspired suicide Macguffin. You can't say that about every fantasy show...

Supernatural season 10 episode 17 review: Inside Man

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Supernatural welcomes a fan-favourite character back into the fold this week, as Sam and Cas get desperate for a lead...

Supernatural season 10 episode 18 review: Book Of The Damned

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Felicia Day's Charlie shines head and shoulders above Supernatural's current crop of female characters...

The TV shows that lived on after their finales

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From Doctor Who to Buffy and Supernatural, we celebrate the TV finales that turned out not to be their show's final episodes after all...