Gerry Anderson's legacy lives on

Mark Pickavance News Mar 26, 2013

New Anderson Entertainment projects are on their way, as Jamie Anderson reminds us that anything can happen in the next half hour...

Celebrating Stingray: Barry Gray

Andrew Blair Interview Mar 13, 2013

Andrew salutes seminal TV theme composer Barry Gray, whose work with Gerry Anderson became the earworm of a generation...

10 things we'd like to see in the new Thunderbirds series

Mark Pickavance Odd List Feb 5, 2013

Mark talks us through the ten things that ITV's new Thunderbirds series must feature to be worthy of its name...

Celebrating Stingray

Andrew Blair Feature Jan 23, 2013

Andrew salutes the barnstorming matinee adventure that was Gerry Anderson's Stingray...

A tribute to Gerry Anderson

Mark Pickavance Feature Jan 2, 2013

Mark pays his respects to the achievements of Thunderbirds, Stingray and Space: 1999 creator Gerry Anderson, who sadly died last week.