Star Trek:TNG

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Data's Day

James Hunt Review
Apr 10, 2015

James' look-backs reach what is arguably one of Star Trek: TNG's top ten episodes: the brilliant Data's Day...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Evolution

James Hunt Review
Feb 21, 2014

They're back! James kicks off another season of Star Trek: TNG look-backs. Fridays just weren't the same without them...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Datalore

James Hunt Review
Dec 21, 2012

James' look-back at Star Trek: TNG's first season reaches the episode that introduced "Data's evil twin", Lore...

Top 10 Star Trek time travel stories

James Hunt Top 10
Nov 28, 2012

James counts down the ten greatest time travel stories across Star Trek's many TV and film incarnations...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: The Last Outpost

James Hunt Review
Oct 5, 2012

After a couple of dodgy instalments, James' TNG look-back comes to a very watchable episode. Here's his review of The Last Outpost...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Code Of Honor

James Hunt Review
Sep 28, 2012

James continues his weekly look-back at TNG's first season with Code Of Honor, "...possibly the worst piece of Star Trek ever made"...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Encounter At Farpoint

James Hunt Review
Sep 14, 2012

In a new weekly series, James revisits the first ever episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, now remastered and released on Blu-Ray...