Star Trek

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 25 must-watch episodes

Sven Harvey Feature
Jan 29, 2016

These 25 Star Trek: The Next Generation stories are the series’ unmissable episodes…

Star Trek Beyond: new look at the Enterprise

Simon Brew News
Jan 18, 2016

A new video teases little changes to the Enterprise and more for Sulu in Star Trek Beyond...

Star Trek Beyond: William Shatner confirms he has no cameo

Simon Brew News
Jan 6, 2016

The original Captain Kirk will not be making an appearance in this summer's Star Trek Beyond...

Star Wars, Star Trek, and the influence of Forbidden Planet

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jan 14, 2016

Released in 1956, the big-budget Forbidden Planet had a huge influence on sci-fi - not least Star Trek and Star Wars...

Star Trek Beyond: Justin Lin on the new film

Simon Brew News
Dec 16, 2015

Star Trek Beyond is going to be set some time after Star Trek Into Darkness, director Justin Lin confirms.

Star Trek Beyond: breaking down the first trailer

James Hunt Feature
Dec 14, 2015

The first trailer for 2016's Star Trek Beyond has landed - so what did it tell us?

22 geeky references in songs

Andrew Blair Feature
Jan 4, 2016

From H.P Lovecraft to Tolkien to H2G2, nods to geek culture have been infiltrating the lyrics of popular beat combos for decades...

Star Trek Voyager: an episode roadmap

Juliette Harrisson Feature
Dec 3, 2015

Our guide to jumping into Star Trek Voyager, if you want to get going quickly...

Star Trek Into Darkness: hiding villain's identity "a mistake"

Simon Brew News
Dec 1, 2015

Damon Lindelof looks back on Star Trek Into Darkness, and the mystery surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch...

Michael Dorn interview: Ted 2, Star Trek, Worf Chronicles

James Hunt Interview
Nov 24, 2015

Worf himself, chats to us about Ted 2, Star Trek, Jason Statham, and the status of The Worf Chronicles...