Kevin Feige: why Tom Holland got the Spider-Man role

Spider-Man has a new team...
Simon Brew News Jul 1, 2015

Will the new Spider-Man, Tom Holland, be debuting the role in Captain America: Civil War after all?

Spider-Man: new film to have John Hughes feel, different villains

Simon Brew News Jun 29, 2015

2017's Spider-Man movie, starring Tom Holland, looks like it'll have fresh villains, and a tip of the hat to 80s teen films...

Spider-Man: new trilogy of films, over 1500 actors were seen

Spider-Man 4 in 3D?
Simon Brew News Jun 24, 2015

More details have emerged of the process that led to Tom Holland being Spider-Man, and Jon Watts directing the new film...

Spider-Man: Tom Holland is new webslinger, director appointed

Simon Brew News Jun 23, 2015

It's 100% confirmed: Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man, and Jon Watts is to direct the new Spider-Man film...

The 10 cinematic universes currently in development

Rob Leane Feature Jun 22, 2015

What began with Marvel has now spread to Ghostbusters, LEGO and more. Here’s our guide to cinema’s upcoming shared universes…

Top 50 90s kids' TV themes

Andrew Blair Feature Jun 19, 2015

It's time for... Animaniacs, Playdays and Round The Twist - We double dare you to not sing along with these...

Spider-Man: director shortlist now down to five

Simon Brew News Jun 3, 2015

Two names seem to have dropped off Marvel's list of potential Spider-Man directors, and one has been added...

Spider-Man: decision expected this week, final shortlist

Simon Brew News Jun 1, 2015

Six contenders remain in the quest to become Spider-Man in the Marvel cinematic universe...

Supergirl: a few thoughts on the trailer criticism

James Hunt Feature May 15, 2015

The Supergirl upfront has garnered strong reactions online, not all of it positive. Here's a response to its critics...

In defence of superhero origin movies

Guy Buckland Feature May 15, 2015

Whether they're radioactive spiders or extraterrestrial parents, aren't superhero origin stories actually important?