Twin Peaks: Amanda Seyfried joins the show

Rob Leane News
Sep 21, 2015

David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks revival at Showtime has added Amanda Seyfried to the fray…

Twin Peaks: new season delayed until 2017

Rob Leane News
Jul 9, 2015

After that turbulent public budgetary discussion, it looks like David Lynch's Twin Peaks revival has been delayed by a year until 2017…

The Stand: TV prelude rumoured for big screen adaptation

Rob Leane News
Jun 8, 2015

Instead of four movies, we could now be getting Stephen King's The Stand adapted as a TV miniseries and one big film...

Twin Peaks: 18 episodes expected, says Sherilyn Fenn

Rob Leane News
May 26, 2015

According to Twin Peaks actress Sherilyn Fenn, the new season will now consist of 18 episodes, not the originally-expected 9…

Twin Peaks: David Lynch returns, project ‘happening again’

Rob Leane News
May 16, 2015

Good news everyone – David Lynch has returned to helm Showtime’s new Twin Peaks episodes…

Twin Peaks: original cast rally behind David Lynch

Rob Leane News
Apr 9, 2015

After disliking some budgetary decisions, David Lynch has left Twin Peaks. The cast have now reacted with a viral video...

Twin Peaks: David Lynch "not sure" if new series will go ahead

Rob Leane News
Mar 17, 2015

In a terrifying turn of events for Twin Peaks fans, Mr David Lynch has revealed that his negotiations aren’t complete…

Penny Dreadful season 2 delayed by a week

Rob Leane News
Feb 12, 2015

Both the American and UK airdates for Penny Dreadful season 2 have been slightly pushed back…

Twin Peaks: Kyle MacLachlan confirmed, David Lynch’s reasoning

Rob Leane News
Jan 13, 2015

Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper will be returning to Twin Peaks. Also: why David Lynch chose 2016.

Continuum renewed for fourth and final season

Rob Leane News
Dec 9, 2014

Mixed emotions for Continuum fans – the show is returning for a concluding chapter next year…