The top 50 assholes in cinema

Andrew Blair Odd List Apr 25, 2014

They're despicable, smug and downright unpleasant. Andrew lines up his pick of 50 biggest unpleasant, sometimes heroic folk in cinema...

Lionsgate developing Saw 8

Simon Brew News Nov 6, 2013

There's no remake: it seems as if Lionsgate is pushing ahead with a new Saw sequel instead...

Looking back at the entire Saw franchise in 24 hours

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The Saw franchise has a devoted following, but what happens when you watch all seven films in a day? Sarah finds out...

Whatever happened to the Splat Pack?

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James Wan on Insidious 2

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Director James Wan confirms that he's hard at work on an Insidious sequel...

Is a Saw reboot being planned?

Saw: do you want to play?
Glen Chapman News Aug 9, 2012

Is it too soon for a reboot of the lucrative Saw horror franchise? It would appear that Lionsgate doesn't think so...

Lollipop Chainsaw trailer

Lollipop Chainsaw
Aaron Birch Trailer Apr 21, 2012

The latest creation from Suda 51, Lollipop Chainsaw, is a zombie game that’s doing it for itself…

10 persistent horror franchises

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They may run out of ideas or slip into absurdity, but horror franchises never truly end. Here’s a selection of a few of the most persistent…

I Saw The Devil DVD review

Ryan Lambie Review May 8, 2011

The latest in a long line of South Korean revenge movies, I Saw The Devil arrives on DVD. Here’s Ryan’s review of a relentlessly disturbing film…

Saw director says the franchise will return

Simon Brew News Apr 13, 2011

Just because we’ve had the final chapter of the Saw franchise, it doesn’t mean it’s the last one…