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Hemlock Grove review

Sarah Dobbs Review
Apr 23, 2013

There's no nice way of saying this, Netflix original horror series Hemlock Grove is er, not very good at all. Here's Sarah's review...

Timothy Olyphant interview: Justified, Deadwood & more...

Sarah Dobbs Interview
Jan 8, 2013

Sarah (and twenty strangers) chat to Justified's Timothy Olyphant about season four, starting tonight in the US on FX...

Why you should be watching Justified

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Nov 16, 2012

Sarah adds yet another US series box-set to your Xmas list, as she explains why everyone needs to watch Timothy Olyphant in a Stetson...

Looking back at Resident Evil: Extinction

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Sep 26, 2012

Director Russell Mulcahy took over for the third in the Resident Evil film series. Sarah looks back at 2007’s Extinction…

Looking back at Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Aug 14, 2012

As the release of Resident Evil: Retribution shuffles closer, our series retrospectives continue. Here’s Sarah’s look back at 2004’s Apocalypse…

Looking back at Resident Evil

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Aug 8, 2012

The first Resident Evil is a decade old. And with the latest film, Retribution, just around the corner, Sarah heads back to 2002 to see how the franchise began…

Neil Jones interview: Bedlam season 2, new cast, and new direction

Sarah Dobbs Interview
Jun 5, 2012

Sarah chats to Bedlam writer and co-creator Neil Jones about season 2 of Sky's UK supernatural series, which is back on our screens this week...

Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy beards

Sarah Dobbs Top 10
May 3, 2012

The sci-fi and fantasy genres simply wouldn’t be the same without a bit of arresting facial hair on its protagonists. Here are Sarah’s top 10 beards...

Why The Cabin In The Woods is a must for horror movie fans

Sarah Dobbs News
Apr 12, 2012

With lots of spoilers, Sarah explains why The Cabin In The Woods is the best gift to horror movie fans in years...

Why you should be playing Draw Something

Draw Something
Sarah Dobbs News
Mar 29, 2012

It’s Pictionary for the touch generation, and Sarah wants you to join in and Draw Something…