Sam Raimi

Looking back at Sam Raimi's Spider-Man

Andrew Blair News Oct 31, 2011

Andrew takes a look back at Sam Raimi’s big-screen treatment of Spider-Man, and finds a superhero movie that still stands up almost a decade on…

Plot details for the remake of The Evil Dead revealed

Glen Chapman News Oct 30, 2011

Sam Raimi's horror classic The Evil Dead is the latest genre property set for the remake treatment, and some more details on the plot have been released.

The Evil Dead remake confirmed

Simon Brew News Jul 14, 2011

It’s official: The Evil Dead is being remade. Does this end any hopes of Sam Raimi doing Evil Dead 4, though?

Confused Views: 7 dreadful places to read the Necronomicon aloud

Matt Edwards News Mar 2, 2011

Luckily for us, the possessions of The Evil Dead took place in an isolated wood. Matt wonders what would happen if the film’s cursed book were read aloud in busier places...

What’s Sam Raimi up to with The Evil Dead?

Simon Brew News Jan 26, 2011

Is the long-mooted Evil Dead IV finally coming? Or is there a remake on the cards?

Kirsten Dunst on the Spider-Man reboot

Simon Brew News Dec 2, 2010

As the new Spider-Man reboot heads towards production, Kirsten Dunst has been sagely noting that “they have a lot to live up to”…

10 things we love about Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead

Ryan Lambie News Oct 21, 2010

As The Evil Dead makes its debut on Blu-ray, we look back at the ten things we love about Sam Raimi’s horror classic…

Sam Raimi linked to alien invasion movie, EDF

Ryan Lambie News Sep 30, 2010

Director Sam Raimi and writer Andrew Marlowe are currently in talks to create big budget alien invasion movie, EDF…

Do interesting directors get lost to big movie franchises?

Simon Brew News Sep 22, 2010

What are we missing out on, wonders Simon, when an interesting director ends up committed to a major blockbuster and its sequels?

Sam Raimi chooses his next projects

Simon Brew News Jul 20, 2010

As well as Oz, The Great and the Powerful, Sam Raimi has now signed up to helm Earp: Saints For Sinners too…