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What Remains finale review

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What Remains concludes in melodrama and murder. Here’s Louisa’s review of the final episode…

What Remains episode 3 review

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The men of 8 Coulthard Street don’t come out of What Remains’ bleak penultimate episode well…

What Remains episode 2 review

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What Remains develops into a compassionate, insightful drama in its second episode...

What Remains episode 1 review

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The BBC’s new four-part whodunit starring David Threlfall, Indira Varma, and Russell Tovey is grim stuff…

Doctor Who: Russell Tovey, Stephen Mangan and Neil Gaiman talk the Twelfth Doctor

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Russell Tovey and Stephen Mangan have been teasing Twitter about the Twelfth Doctor, while Neil Gaiman says some sensible words on Tumblr…

How did the Being Human ending compare to past finales?

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Russell Tovey talks Being Human, Doctor Who, and Sherlock

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At last weekend’s Kapow Comic Convention, Russell Tovey talked to fans about his role as a fixture of British sci-fi…

Russell Tovey confirms he's quitting Being Human

Russell Tovey
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With Being Human series 4 just around the corner, Russell Tovey has confirmed that it's going to be his last...