Russell Mulcahy

What went wrong with Highlander II: The Quickening?

Alex Carter Feature Aug 19, 2014

Christopher Lambert didn't like it. Director Russell Mulcahy doesn't like it. Audiences didn't like it. But is Highlander II that bad?

Teen Wolf episode 10 review: Co-Captain

Ron Hogan Review Aug 1, 2011

Russell Mulcahy takes the helm again for the latest Teen Wolf episode. As Ron discovers, this is a very good thing.

Video Killed The Radio Star DVD

Jenny Sanders News Oct 20, 2010

The music videos of Russell Mulcahy, David Mallet and Wayne Isham are explored in this three-disc documentary. Here’s Jenny’s review of Video Killed The Radio Star…

Russell Mulcahy interview: Give 'Em Hell Malone, Teen Wolf, Highlander and 3D sharks

Duncan Bowles Interview May 15, 2010

Give ‘Em Hell Malone, Sean Connery holding umbrellas in Highlander, remaking Teen Wolf, fainting zombies and 3-D sharks in a supermarket. It's Mr Russell Mulcahy...

Exclusive: Russell Mulcahy defends and explains Teen Wolf remake

Teen Wolf: the original
Duncan Bowles News Mar 14, 2010

The director of MTV's upcoming Teen Wolf remake, Mr Russell Mulcahy, defends the project, and explains what it's got to do with The Lost Boys...